Rhett Walker Band’s Come To The River Live Acoustic Video


If you are like me, you’ve been hearing a new song on the radio that you really like this past week: the Rhett Walker Band’s ‘Come to the River’. I first became acquainted with the music of Rhett Walker this past fall when they headed out on the road with Kutless on the ‘Believer’ tour. I was super impressed with the show they put on, and have been enjoying the band’s debut album that not-so-coincidentally has the same name as the new single, ‘Come to the River.’

Next up for the Rhett Walker Band is heading back out on tour with Kutless (and MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Tedashii, Family Force 5, and Luminate) on the Rock and Worship Road Show this winter and early spring. If your in Indiana, feel free to get in line behind me at the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse on February 9th 🙂

(Side note: I think Rhett Walker fans have the best nicknames ever–Rhett Necks! I love it!)

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