Winter Jam Tour: OBB (Oswald Brothers Band)


The second act appearing during the Winter Jam Pre-Jam Party was OBB: also known as the Oswald Brothers Band. I literally knew like, nothing, about these guys when they took the stage on Sunday night.

Like, less than nothing.

Like, if I didn’t know better, I might have thought they were the Jonas Brothers nothing.

Am I crazy to be drawing a lot of comparisons between the Jonas Brothers and the Oswald Brothers? I mean, first there are three brothers in each band. In the Jonas brothers we had Kevin, Joe (swoon!), and Nick, and in the Oswald brothers we have a Zach, Jacob and Nich. (See any parallels there, my friends? Two Nick’s that play the drums and sing? Two brothers that have names that start with a J? I know, it’s uncanny!)

I also have to mention the obvious: they all have dark, well-styled hair, are clean-cut, most likely come from a close knit family, have a penchant for denim, and can all play the guitar.

The only distinct difference I can see between the two is that the OBB brothers don’t have a TY show on the Disney Channel. Yet.

Here’s the thing, though. If you think my references comparing OBB and the Jonas Brothers are derogatory, you are definitely taking my review in the wrong vein. I really liked OBB, just like I really liked the Jonas Brothers back in the day. (By back in the day, I mean 2009. Seriously, who doesn’t like the song Lovebug? Also, I only know the Jonas Brothers have a show on the Disney Channel because I used to watch it. Not religiously or anything, but faithfully; and I cannot believe I just admitted that on the internet!)

Anyways…enough about the Jonas Brothers. I liked OBB. I thought their music was appropriately awesome. I liked the fresh faced, positive vibe they had going on at Winter Jam. I liked the t-shirts and denim look they were rocking; it wasn’t too much, but it wasn’t too little, either. Everything about OBB was thoughtfully balanced and well crafted, from their song selections to the way they carried themselves on stage. When I met them after the show, I found they were just as genuine and sweet as they appeared on stage.

This is one boy band that I fully endorse my niece, Alyssa, listening to, and that’s saying something.

(Oh, and just one more thing—if you question the successfulness of the JoBro formula, remember this: Kevin Jonas is 25, retired, and set for life. There are many things worse than being compared to the Jonas Brothers!)

[spotify id=”spotify:album:4SAMSel1LT72h987gAsH0j” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

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