New Music Pick of The Week: Plumb’s Need You Now

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I have a theory that all good things can be traced back in one way or another to the great state of Indiana.  For instance, in basketball Indiana is home to the legendary Larry Bird.  (That fact alone should settle this debate, but I’ll go on.)  Abraham Lincoln spent his formative years (7-12) in Indiana.  The awesomely funny TV show Parks & Rec is based on the fictional Pawnee, Indiana.  Famed movie director Sydney Pollack and actors James Dean and Steve McQueen are all from Indiana.  David Letterman and Red Skelton are both from Indiana.  In terms of music, Indiana is the home to an eclectic mix of talent:  Axl Rose, Michael Jackson, and Jon Mellencamp, to name but three.

In the world of Christian Music, even more good things can be traced back to Indiana.  Rich Mullins is from Indiana.  Gospel music veterans Bill Gaither, Danny Gaither and Gloria Gaither (and probably the rest of the Gaithers!) are from Indiana.  Jeremy Camp is a Hoosier native from Lafayette, Indiana.  Both Royal Tailor and the Sidewalk Prophets originally began to form in Indiana while founding members attended the same college.  (The Sidewalk Prophets lead singer, Dave Frey, hails from Terre Haute, Indiana.)

Even with Indiana’s great musical tradition in mind, perhaps one of the most evocative and powerful female voices from this fine state is the simply named Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, an  Indianapolis native.

You might know her better by her stage name, Plumb.

Plumb has a crazy amazing resume spanning the course of the last decade.  She’s written for Jaci Velasquez, Michelle Branch and Mandy Moore.  She’s a repeat performer in the #1 spot on the charts (come to think of it, right now she’s holding down the #1 and #4 spots with two of her songs, I Want You Here and Need You Know.  She’s also sitting pretty on the iTunes new release chart smack dab between Taylor Swift and Rihanna.  You know, no biggie!)   Her songs are sort of  TV/movie placement phenomenons, being featured in everything from the film Bruce Almighty to the Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill.  (I’m also pretty sure that was Plumb’s Need You Now (How Many Times) I heard on Pretty Little Liars tonight.)

While all of these accomplishments that  Plumb has racked up over the past ten years are pretty impressive, you’ll be even more impressed when you listen to her new album Need You Now (How Many Times) that released today, February 26th, 2013.

Simply put, Need You Now (How Many Times) is superb.

Plumb has positioned Need You Now (How Many Times) as the album of 2013 that other artists(particularly of the female variety) are only going to be able to dream about being like.

In the past, I have been somewhat of an outspoken advocate for the need for more positive, super talented, authentic female artists in Christian music.  This is not a bash against the guys in any way, but clearly the females are way outnumbered in this particular genre of music.  (Case in point:  on the WinterJam tour, there are currently 10 musical acts, only one of which (Jamie Grace) is a female performer.  The Rock & Worship Road Show has 8 musical acts and zero  female performers.)

Thank heavens for Plumb; she’s the real deal, exactly the kind of artist I would have hand-picked to fill the female void in Christian music.  One of the things I love the most about Plumb is that she’s not some anodized puppet with sugar for the coating.  As the biography provided by her Media Rep rightfully states, “She has a reputation to tell it like it is, giving an honest view of life while always showing the hope and light in every situation.”

It is this reputation, combined with Lee’s creative self-assuredness as an artist and her unparalleled voice, that give Plumb a suprising vantage point from which she can share her remarkable gift of music.

For sure, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Plumb’s Need You Now (How Many Times) is a beautiful amalgamation of striking raw emotion and authentic truths.  Her lyrics are at times intensely sobering while at other times hopefully melodic and teeming with bold optimism.  While Need You Now (How Many Times) is branded under the name Plumb, there is little doubt in my mind that this album is the true life story of Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, the wife and mother of three young children.

Her story is also in a way my story, and maybe even yours, too.  It’s a relatable and riveting story, beautiful but sometimes sad, filled with moments of both laughter and love, mistakes and loss.

Most of all, it’s a story that highlights the hope that we all have in Jesus Christ.

This is one album I highly recommend without reservation.  From beginning to end, Need You Now (How Many Times) is must have music.  For sure, you don’t want to miss the standout tracks Beautiful, One Drop, I Want You Here, Chocolate & Ice Cream, I Don’t Deserve You (with Paul van Dyk), and my favorite of favorites, Drifting (with Jars of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine).  (Side note:  I assume that it goes without saying that Need You Now is 5 Star track.  If you haven’t heard Need You Now by now, you must be living under a rock somewhere without radio stations, TV, or internet…and with that being said, you probably would not have made your way here to my blog.)

For a little sample of just how amazing Plumb is, check out the YouTube video below of her performing Need You Now.  (You may want to head to iTunes first and start the download of Need You Now (How Many Times) before you start the video…that way, you’ll be all set to listen to the album in its entirety when you’ve finished watching the video!  Just a suggestion, because I care 🙂

This N That Music News, Tuesday 2/26/2013

It’s cold in Indiana today. We are in the midst of an ice storm, and as a result I am cowering under a stack of warm blankets right now trying to keep warm. So, partially because I’m trying to stay warm and partially because I’m feeling kind of lazy I’m just going to write one mashed up blog highlighting some of the music news of the day.

First and most news worthy (OK, at least to me) was that one of my favorite bands, the Sidewalk Prophets (@swprophets), tweeted today that they spent the day writing some new music with frequent co-writer, Sam Mizell (@SamMizell). Yay! The band’s lead singer, Dave Frey (@swpdave), later tweeted “Writing Christmas tunes with our good friend @SamMizell. Gonna be glorious!” Granted, I’m not quite as excited about new Christmas music as I would be about, let’s say, all season multi-purpose Sidewalk Prophets music, but regardless I’m sure it will indeed be glorious as promised.

In other Sidewalk Prophets news, band co-founder Ben McDonald today announced the winners of the “Love To Sing” video cover contest. Congrats to sisters Salah and Shekinah on their winning cover of the band’s tune, ‘Love Love Love.’ You can check out their video on YouTube below:

Next up, does anyone remember Stryper besides me? Don’t try and deny it, you know you do! (How could anyone forget the classic ‘To Hell With the Devil’?) I remember being 7 or 8 years old, brown pigtails and all, listening to Stryper with my Dad.

Those were good times.

Well, the good times are about to rock and roll again as Stryper is set to release an album of new music this March on Frontier Records. The first single off ‘Second Coming’, the new the album, is called ‘Bleeding From the Inside Out’ and was released on February 25th, 2013. You can find out all the deets on Stryper’s new music in the video below where Michael Sweet & company discuss the band’s history and future:

Okay, so while we are talking about things we do and don’t remember…do you remember yesterday when I told y’all about the new Everfound single, ‘Never Beyond Repair?’ Remember how I said I thought this was going to be a big song for the group in the near future? And, remember how I encouraged y’all to call up your radio station and ask them to play ‘Never Beyond Repair’? Well, today Everfound (@Everfound) tweeted the following: “Last night we found out that our song Never Beyond Repair is the MOST-ADDED song on Christian Radio this week!”

Well..told ya so!

Congrats Everfound on your recent success! Very well deserved 🙂

Last but not least, in other Twitter-y news of the day, Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus posted a super cute picture of a Skype chat with his 5 week old son on Instagram today. Little Roman is the cutest baby ever! (You can check out the photo on Instagram by clicking here.) Congrats to the Dring family on this new little sweetie!

In other Rapture Ruckus news, the band recently added a lyric video for their new song that I am obsessed with, ‘In Crowd’. The song was recorded live at the famed Parachute Music Festival in New Zealand last fall and you can download it for free at the Rapture Ruckus website, Not much better in life than great music that is free 🙂

Building 429 Releases Lyric Video for ‘We Won’t Be Shaken’

Building 429 recently released an all-new lyric video for the song ‘We Won’t Be Shaken’.  The song is the lead off of the similarly titled album from the group due out on June 4th ,2013.

I am LOVING this song…give it a listen and let me know what you think!  (PS–If you’re in Indiana, be sure to plan now to check out Building 429 at the WFRN Friend Fest in Nappannee  June 21st and 22nd, 2013.)

Darlene Zschech Launches Revealing-Jesus.Com

From Press Release–February 26th, 2013



Anthemic Easter Resource “Victor’s Crown” Available At iTunes®, TODAY!

World-renowned worship leader and best-selling author Darlene Zschech releases on March 19 her long-awaited Revealing Jesus live worship CD/DVD and 365-day devotional hardcover gift book from RGM-NEW BREED Music / Integrity Music and Bethany House Publishers, respectively. In anticipation of the release, a newly launched microsite,, previews four of the new songs and videos from the CD/DVD, offers select devotions from the companion book, and features a free download of the chord chart for “Victor’s Crown.”

This brand new anthem, destined to become an Easter season resource for churches around the globe, was written by Zschech, Israel Houghton and Kari Jobe, and is being made available for download today from iTunes and

“Victor’s Crown” was also recently debuted by GetRealLive! in a show featuring an interview with Zschech and Revealing Jesus producer and five-time GRAMMY Award-winner Israel Houghton. During the interview, which sparked 13,583,657 twitter impressions in just two-hours, Houghton shared his reason for wanting to be involved in this project:

“Darlene has paved the way for so many people, including myself,” said Houghton. “As much as we marvel at ‘Shout To The Lord’ and all those Hillsong songs, I feel like the best has been left for now! There has never been a greater time to hear the heart of Darlene…From the time we started writing the songs, to the moment we finished in Birmingham and since, I feel that we are being allowed to handle something very precious to the heart of God.”

In her gracious way of reflecting the praise and putting it back on God, Zschech responded following Israel’s comments: “I need the Word of God. I need Church family… These are not just pretty poems put to pretty music. These are songs that teach my soul to sing. One of the ways I take heart is that I worship. It’s very powerful when you feel the joy of the Lord beside you, so incredibly powerful.”

Zschech also writes in the Digital Booklet featured at “Once you read through the credits on this project, you will see that there are many, many amazing people who have worked beautifully to put this recording together. I actually had resigned myself to maybe never doing a live project again, knowing that to date I have been privileged to work with some of the finest people ever to write and record songs of praise… and maybe that season was over. But after some long conversations with God and then with friends in our world, and a lengthy D and M (deep and meaningful) with Israel H, Mark [Zschech] and I decided we would record live one more time.”

Recorded live Sept. 28 and 29, 2012 at the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL, Revealing Jesus is orchestrated by Dr. Henry Panion III (Stevie Wonder, Carrie Underwood, Chaka Khan) and features special guest appearances, as well as co-writes with Michael W. Smith, Jobe and Houghton. Along with the dynamic participation of thousands of worshipers, the live recording also captures a compelling performance by the Alabama School of Fine Arts, based in Birmingham.

In addition to the 12 new worship anthems on the Revealing Jesus CD/DVD, bonus tracks in custom versions of the album will include fresh takes on such internationally acclaimed songs as “Shout to the Lord,” “Hosanna” and “Worthy is the Lamb,” as well as the Houghton-penned “Jesus at the Center.” The custom versions include a “deluxe” CD/DVD combination, an ebook with songs, and an iTunes® LP that includes video plus bonus resources, song devotional videos and more.

The companion Revealing Jesus book was poured out from the pages of Zschech’s personal journals. Honest, raw, and beautifully written, the devotional contains meditations and Scriptures revealing the heart of Jesus. These devotions are designed to inspire and encourage the reader’s journey, especially when times are hard, tenderly calling readers to sit at the feet of the Lord, learn from His wisdom, embrace His love and experience His peace.

About Darlene Zschech:
A worship leader, pastor, singer, songwriter, speaker and author, who has led millions of Christians in worship, Zschech has written and performed over eighty songs, including such global anthems as “Shout To The Lord,” a song that is sung by an estimated 30 million churchgoers every week and has been covered by at least twenty other artists. She has also penned bestselling books, such as Extravagant Worship, The Kiss of Heaven and The Art of Mentoring, which combined have been translated into 19 languages. As a teenager, she sang jingles for McDonalds, Special K, KFC and Diet Coke, and in the year 2000, she received the Gospel Music Association International Award for her impact on the Global Church. While serving as a worship leader and pastor for Sydney’s Hillsong Church, Darlene wrote for, performed on and helped produce 16 Gold- and one Platinum-selling Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) live Hillsong albums.

Today, Darlene and her husband, Mark, are senior pastors of Hope Unlimited Church on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, and together founded HOPE: Global ( and work with Compassion International, serving the world’s poorest of the poor. The couple has three daughters, Chloe, Zoe and Amy, a granddaughter, Ava Pearl, and a grandson, Roman Emmanuel Mark. Learn more about Darlene Zschech and Revealing Jesus at

Former Delirious? frontman, Martin Smith, to Release First Solo Album

I’m super excited to share this press release with my readers!  I am a long time super fan of Delirious?, particularly of the voice and lyrical stylings of Martin Smith.  Mark my words, this album is going to be spectacular!  Stupendous!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  (I think you get the picture!)






Album Marks Musical Rebirth For Singer / Songwriter Often Credited With

Founding The Modern Worship Movement



Set for release April 23, Martin Smith’s first full-length solo debut, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01, is a 12-song collection of personal revival songs born out of a reinvigorated season of living in community with everyday believers.  A welcoming invitation to prodigals and faithful alike, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 (and Step 02, slated to release October 2013) is a reminder that God’s grace is for everyone. From the opening strains of “Awake My Soul,” longtime Delirious? fans will hear the clarion call of Martin’s voice, strong as ever, declaring a resurrection of his soul.


For frontman, co-founder and primary songwriter Martin, a 20-something kid at the start and now a husband and father of six children, Delirious? was a big door to close. Martin and Anna, his wife of 18 years, packed up their family and moved to Brighton, a coastal town south of London, submerging themselves once again in worship ministry alongside Matt Redman and others at St. Peter’s, a Holy Trinity Brompton church plant. Getting back to a normal life after decades spent on stages around the world took some getting used to.


“When you enter a transition period, there’s a lot of uncertainty. You’re letting go of a lot of things, bit by bit—the microphone, your finances, even some sense of your identity—but as you find yourself more dependent on God, you begin to really experience his kindness. You see him show up in incredible ways, you see his provision, discover new opportunities and favor. Things you thought were lost start to reappear. Three years on, God has given me some new things to say, and I’m so incredibly grateful…”


With many of the songs written in collaboration with young worship leaders and novice musicians at St. Peter’s, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 is a joyful labor of love for this seasoned songwriter/worship leader. “I see my role as different now,” he says, “I want to invest in the next generation coming through, reminding everyone of what it really is to worship with our lives, serving, keeping your hands clean—I feel the responsibility of those things more and more.”


“Back to the Start,” co-written by Martin and 2013 GRAMMY winner Jonas Myrin (“10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”), sets the tone for the record, building from a hard reality to a full-on pop dance celebration, complete with brass horns. “It’s a prodigal song about finding my way back to everything that matters most; finding God in it all again,” Martin says. His very personal story is beautifully portrayed in the song’s new concept video to release soon and featuring Martin’s teenage daughter, Elle, in the lead role.  Every nuance of the video is intentional as it unfolds Martin’s story.


The album also features the modern rock anthem “Fire Never Sleeps,” which opens the recent, critically acclaimed Jesus Culture With Martin Smith:  Live From New York album, the contemplative ballad “Catch Every Teardrop,” which was inspired by Psalm 52 and the near fatal car crash that almost claimed Martin’s life — a pivotal event that led to the formation of Delirious? back in 1997, and “You Carry Me,” a song of comfort for a friend whose husband recently died.  Martin also co-wrote four songs with Chris Tomlin, including “Waiting Here For You” with its message of the fragility of our humanity and how waiting is perhaps the most difficult act of worship.


When Martin Smith and his band Delirious? emerged in the U.S. back in 1997, having already impacted a generation of UK youth with its passionate call for revival, most agree that the modern worship movement officially began. The hope of that movement and the music that came out of it—“I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” “Deeper,” “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?,” “Shout To The North” and a string of other modern worship standards—has irrevocably changed the landscape of Christian music in the U.S. and around the world. Long before 2009’s farewell concert, RIAA certified Gold-selling and GRAMMY nominated band Delirious? had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like their song “History Maker” that landed on 1998’s King of Fools, the band became ‘history makers’ themselves.


“I don’t think God is worried about the platform he’s given me in the past,” Martin says of this new season of personal revival feeding into ministry. “He’s worried most about my heart. If that’s in a good place, he’ll use it… at church, in stadiums, wherever he will. All you want to do is be someone of influence, but it doesn’t have to be on a global stage. It never did. Having said that, it’s part of my life, to have that voice. And my prayer is that God will use this new music to remind people of his grace, to remind them of his heart for the poor and broken and of his Kingdom coming on Earth.” 


Still making relevant music, Martin’s God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 springs from a man refreshed, revived and reconnected with Jesus and with his Church.  Excited to play a lead role in the ongoing call to worship, he is a passionate model for young worship leaders of today.


Everfound Releases New Single, “Never Beyond Repair”

I truly had a blast last year listening to a crazy amount of music and going to an insane amount of concerts (I lost track after 100).  I saw some of the biggest names in Christian music on tour, from TobyMac, the Newsboys, MercyMe and the Casting Crowns to Matthew West, Kutless, Sanctus Real, and Tenth Avenue North (and pretty much everything in between).

In all of my 2012 concertgoing, there were two performances by newcomers that literally had me scraping my jaw up off the floor afterwards because they were SOOOO good!  The first happened in July at the Star 88.3 Music Stage during 3 Rivers Festival when The City Harmonic took to the stage.

The second took place at Auer Hall at IPFW this past November during Matthew West’s ‘Into the Light’ tour.  If you happened to catch one of Matthew West’s shows last fall, I know that you know who I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the band of Russian born brothers, Nikita, Larry, Ruslan, and Yan who make up the band Everfound.

After watching Everfound at Auer Hall in November, my friend Sarah and I were speechless.  We were floored.  We were in complete and total awe.

These guys are the REAL deal.

I almost felt bad for Lindsay McCaul, MIKESCHAIR, and Matthew West for having to follow Everfound’s act because they were one heck of a tough act to follow.  In fact, I wrote the following on my blog in a review of the concert the day after Everfound’s stop at IPFW:

“Prior to the concert, I had never heard of Everfound.  I’m guessing you may not have heard of Everfound either, but I’m also going to bet that this is about to change in a big way in the very near future.

Everfound pretty much has all of the elements necessary to be a huge success in any genre of music:  great music, a young, ultra-hip look, and a very interesting back story.  Did I mention that they are also freakishly awesome performers, too?  We’re talking bigger than big energy.”

Needless to say, I’ve been anxiously anticipating the release of Everfound’s next big thing in the days since November.

Happily, on February 22nd, they released the single ‘Never Beyond Repair’ to radio as the first single off of their next (name unknown to me) album.  I haven’t heard it on the radio yet, but not for lack of my calling and annoying both local Christian radio stations.  Luckily for me, I found a  sweet live acoustic rendition of the song over on YouTube.  Check it out below, then give your local radio station a call to suggest that they play it!

FF5’s Zombie hits 1,000,000 YouTube Hits!

So, as of late I’m obsessed with Family Force 5.

My son (in addition to being obsessed with for King & Country) is obsessed with zombies.

surprisingly, we now have a place to come together and spend some quality bonding time indulging in both of our obsessions. The place? YouTube. The video? Family Force 5’s “Zombie”.

Zombie just recently surpassed the 1,000,000 mark for YouTube views, thanks no doubt in large part to me and Alex. If you are one of the few people left on the planet that haven’t seen the video for Zombie, check it out below!

Congrats to K-Love NASCAR #98!

Yesterday (February 14th, 2013) was the Daytona 500, which is sort of like the Superbowl of NASCAR Racing.

Normally, this wouldn’t even register on my radar but I was interested in seeing how the #98 car driven by Michael McDowell would fair in the race, particularly because the car was sporting sponsorship logos of K-LOVE Radio and MIKESCHAIR (two of my favorites!)

Well, I’m happy to report that my watching the race and cheering on the #98 must not have done too much harm yesterday as the team posted a Top Ten finish in the race, zooming in right on the tails of Danica Patrick’s history making run at Daytona. (Normally, me cheering for anything sports related is the kiss of death and that’s no joke!)

In an interview with K-LOVE, McDowell said, ““I know why I’m here. I know I’ve been called to be in this sport, to help disciple the young guys coming up, and share my faith at our events…the racing is just the platform I have.” He went on to say that “Racing with the K-LOVE logo is an answer to my prayers. The K-LOVE relationship coming together is something I have been praying for years,” he said. “I prayed that God would partner me with people who were like minded.”

Congratulation again to McDowell (and K-LOVE) on their winning collaboration on the track! If you would like to read more of McDowell’s interview with K-LOVE where he shares his testimony about he came to know the Lord after being raised in a non-Christian family, click here.


“What we allow affects our minds; the more we filter what comes in, the easier it is to live out in truth.”

~Michael McDowell

Happy Birthday, Rhett Walker!

It’s a day Rhett-necks around the world are celebrating…the birth of the lead singer of the Rhett Walker Band, Rhett Walker!  (Yes, that does include me.)

Last year was a pretty big year for Mr. Walker, which included the release of the band’s debut album, ‘Come To The River’, and a Grammy nomination for the song, ‘When Mercy Found Me. Here’s to another big year filled with Rhett Walker’s uncompromising style of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In honor of the birthday boy, here’s one of my favorite Rhett Walker Band videos:  an acoustic rendition of the Grammy-nominated song, “When Mercy Found Me.”

Angela Miller Sings ‘You Set Me Free’ on American Idol

American Idol Contestant Sings a Powerful Song About Jesus on National Television from theremix on GodTube.

Above, you will find the video for the superbly talented American Idol contestant, Angela Miller. This was the original song she sang during Hollywood Week that catapulted her into the Top 20 Ladies for American Idol Season 12. I had chills listening to her sing this, and I knew without a doubt Who she was singing about.

I’m not the only one who was moved by her performance…on this week’s episode of American Idol, all the judges wanted to talk to her about was her performance last week. She could have sang the Alphabet Song last night and the judges still would have put her thru to the next round.

I’m praying that she will continue to do well in the competition and prove my BFF Sarah wrong. (I think Sarah would LOVE to be proven wrong in Angela’s case!) Sarah theorizes that proclaiming your Christian faith on American Idol is the kiss of death in the competition. (Case in points: Mandisa and Colton Dixon.)

Good luck, Angela! We’re rooting for you!

Live Acoustic Rendition of ‘Middle Of Your Heart’

for King & Country may be on a much-needed vacation according to their Facebook & Twitter feeds this week, but their music lives on over at YouTube where the radio station that other radio stations aspire to be like (K-LOVE) recently posted a live acoustic set of the guys singing their latest single, ‘Middle Of Your Heart.’

Now, you know that any post about for King & Country is not complete without a brief mention of the for King & Country super fan that I live with. This is no joke: as soon as Alex heard the opening lyrics to ‘Middle of Your Heart’ being played over my laptop speakers, he came running from the other room. After watching the video, he turns to me and says “Mommy, I’m going to start my own band. First, I need a brother. Then I’m going to hire Daddy to be my manager and you can be my clothes shopper.” (I believe in rock star speak, that is called being a “stylist”.  Funny, I already kind of thought I was his stylist since he’s only 6 and I still buy all his clothes?  But, I digress…)

Anyways, here is the video (and purpose of this blog). All I can say is, ‘Good on ya, for King & Country.’ (Translated from the online Australian slang dictionary: ‘Well done, for King & Country’. I figured I ought to start learning some basic ‘Australian’ as Alex is bent on moving there with his band.  Like, tomorrow.)


New Music Alert–Waiting Hill

So today I was introduced to a group I was previously unfamiliar with that goes by the name ‘Waiting Hill’.  I liked what I heard so much that I want to share them with you, my much loved readers.

The band’s online biography states, “The band is a breath of fresh air for those looking for something new.  ‘We’re definitely different than anything I’ve ever heard before.  I mean, how many bands do you know with a harmonica player?’ jokes Mark Chambers, vocalist, songwriter, and harmonica player.”

I can only assume we are excluding John Popper of Blues Traveler and Magic Dick of the J Geils Band from this list.  Either way, Waiting Hill had me from ‘harmonica player’.

Truthfully, they do have a sound that is both uniquely and distinctly different from the current field of Christian music.  I like it!

Check out the group’s online home, for more information about what they are all about. You can also view a live video performance of the band below, and preview their debut album, “Grace Grace” on Spotify. (You can also buy the album on Amazon, iTunes, or from the band’s online store on their website.)