Help Rapture Ruckus Fund the Video for ‘In Crowd’!

My favorite Christian group from New Zealand, Rapture Ruckus, has a neat opportunity for their fans and supporters to help fund a video for their latest project, In Crowd.  Check out all the details in the e-mail I received earlier today below:

“To all our Ruckus family,

We have just launched our very first fan funded project.  We’re going to partner with you guys to make an amazing music video for our new song IN CROWD.

It’s been incredible seeing the response to this song.  All the #NeverGonnaBeInTheInCrowd photos you’ve been posting on our Facebook & Twitter and the messages you have sent us – so cool.  If you haven’t seen it already go to and scroll down the page to see all the photos.

We’ve been so inspired and would love to make the best, most impacting music video we’ve ever released.

We believe more than ever that the world needs to hear this message.  IN CROWD is all about standing up for the outcasts, the bullied, anyone who has ever felt like they don’t fit in.  And it’s about celebrating the different… and occasionally humorous… things that make us unique.

So we need YOU!  We need you guys to help us raise $15,000.  It’s not a huge budget in the world of making music videos but we have found a really supportive film production company in LA to help make it happen.   

There are a bunch of “perks” for everyone that contributes… try your hand as Band Stylist; or bring a Ruckus House Party to your place; or get some friends together and encourage one of your mates by giving them a day On Tour with us!

Here is the IN CROWD video project page: 

Much love and respect,

Brad & the Ruckus crew”

Here’s a short little video of Brad from Rapture Ruckus talking about the In Crowd project:

Okay, its me (Beth) again…I’ve been a fan of the ‘In Crowd’ song/movement since day 1, and I’m happy to share this info with y’all in hopes that you’ll consider getting behind this much needed project.  I put my wallet where my mouth is, too…and made a donation to get the party started!  I’ve seen Rapture Ruckus twice in concert and they put on a great, high energy show…one of my favorites (just watch out for the Super Soaker!)  I haven’t seen ‘In Crowd’ in person yet–hopefully soon!

Check out an official Rapture Ruckus lyric video below:

PS $15,000 is cheap for a music video!

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