Mandisa: Behind the Song Overcomer!

There are very few things I love more in this world besides a positive, encouraging, make you wanna get up and dance new song from  my favorite female artist, Mandisa.

Off the top of my head, the only worldly thing I can think of  that I love more is my 6 year old son, Alex.

So, you can imagine how excited I am that Mandisa’s latest and greatest single, Overcomer, is finally available for downloading over on iTunes today!  Yippee!!!  (Of course, I stayed up until midnight to download it.  I’m always afraid that when a song is as good as Overcomer is, iTunes might run out or something 🙂

In case you were wondering where Mandisa found the inspiration for Overcomer, check out the above video where she shares a little bit about the thought process behind the song.

If the story behind Overcomer doesn’t inspire you, then I bet Mandisa’s warm smile and beautiful inside-and-out self will.  (And if neither inspires you, then you should probably see a doctor because there’s something wrong with you!  I kid, I kid! 🙂

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