New! OBB Video for ‘Come on Home!’

OBB has a brand new acoustic video that they’ve released in conjunction with for their new single, Come on Home.  I love this song (and the story behind it!)  The video is pretty sweet, too (although my teen intern says ‘pretty sick’ would more aptly describe it, as ‘pretty sweet’ sounds lame…but I’m not too keen to describe anything on my blog as being ‘sick’.  Just doesn’t sound very nice!)

If you aren’t hearing ‘Come on Home’ on your local radio station yet, do me a favor and call/e-mail/tweet your station to let them know they need to start playing this song stat!  I’m in the middle of my summer US whirlwind tour and am very homesick; if I have to drive thru your town without hearing ‘Come on Home’, I will be very disappointed.  🙂

Also, if you haven’t read my recent interview with OBB, and why they are my new all-time favorite band of brothers, click here!

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