Colton Dixon’s Never Gone Video Premiers Today!

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for!  Colton Dixon’s video for the ah-mazing song, Never Gone, is up for viewing on iTunes today!  I’m totally loving the video, too!

Never Gone is currently trending as the #3 video on iTunes of the day!  Here’s the link to go check it out…

Also, for your Colton Dixon viewing pleasure, here’s a behind the scenes look at the story behind the song–


Win a Capital Kings/Colton Dixon Prize Pack!

I know there are a lot of Capital Kings and Colton Dixon fans out there who also read Spin: the Blog.

What can I say, Capital Kings, Colton Dixon and I have a lot of really awesome fans in common!  (We do!)

So, for Totally Trivia Tuesday today, I have a question that IF you know the answer it’s gonna snag you a grand prize package that includes (drum roll please…) an 8×10 Capital Kings autographed poster, an autographed copy of their self-titled debut full length album on Gotee Records, a Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ dog tag style necklace, an autographed Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ CD, an official Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ poster, and a life size cardboard Colton Dixon stand-up figure (a perfect decorating accent to any home if I do say so myself!)

The trivia question this week is going to be a little bit more difficult than usual because the ante is HIGH when we’re giving away a cardboard life size Colton Dixon replica.  First, I will give you the question, and then I will give you two clues.

Also, please be aware if you are a close friend, employee, or relative of Beth Stauffer you are ineligible to attempt to win this prize.  (Yes Sarah, I’m talking about you.)

Here is this week’s Totally Trivia Tuesday question:  I (Beth) have one word tattooed on the inside of my left wrist along with a single symbol that I designed myself.  When I am at appearances and events, I am frequently asked for the pattern because everyone likes it so much.  What is the word and symbol?

Here is your 1st clue:  The word comes from a lyric in one of my favorite Sanctus Real songs, ‘The Redeemer’.  I (Beth) am frequently told I am a dreamer, which is totally true, but I consider it no greater compliment than to be called this other word, which is also mentioned in the song.

Here is your 2nd clue:  My (Beth) favorite hard rocking band, who I can’t name by name or it will totally give it away, has a single currently out simply titled with this word but it is also the title of the band’s most recently released album from 2012.  When I shared a pic of the tattoo with the band, they loved it so much they shared the picture on their website and social media feeds!

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me at!  The first correct answer wins 🙂


Behind the making of a ‘Miracle’: Third Day’s latest release


Well Third Day fans, today is your lucky day! Third Day just released the first in a three part video series taking you behind the scenes of the making of their latest project, Miracle.  Coincidentally, if you went out in my snow covered Indiana driveway right now, that is the CD that would immediately come blasting out of the speakers.  I’m really enjoying the immaculately crafted Miracle, and imagine pretty much everyone else will, too 🙂

In other exciting news, Third Day is set to kick-off the 45 city stop  Miracle tour on February 21st in Virginia.  The tour will feature super awesome guests that include one of my favorites, singer-songwriter Josh Wilson, and Colton Dixon, who is hot off his run on American Idol last season.  This is one of the tours I am most looking forward to this spring, so grab your tickets now as I’m predicting sell-out crowds!  You can find out all the details about the Miracle tour by visiting

Can’t Wait For the Release of Colton Dixon’s The Messenger?

Just 5 days and counting until the January 29th release of American Idol Colton Dixon’s much anticipated debut album, The Messenger!  If you are super excited to hear what Colton Dixon has been working on post-American Idol like my BFF Sarah, then feel free to enjoy the mini-sampler of his album that I posted above from over on YouTube.  I’m not going to lie…from the snippets I’m hearing on this preview,  The Messenger is going to be a must-have album for fans of Christian music.

Of The Messenger, Dixon recently told Billboard Magazine that fans can expect his forthcoming release to showcase his “whole wardrobe:”  He went on to add, “It starts off really hard and heavy with a song called ‘Noise.’ It’s very theatrical. It feels like you’re in downtown New York when listening to it. There are some softer more tender moments, like ‘Let Them See You’ and a song called ‘Rise.’ ‘You Are’ is even a little more dialed back but there are some other songs that will melt your face. They are so hard and heavy, which is fun.”

Sounds intriguing!

Personally, I’m already ready for his sophomore release, especially if it includes some of the songs he co-wrote with Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade, who is one of my own ultimate favorites.

In other Colton Dixon news, if you would like to meet the band he will be touring with when he’s out on the road with Third Day and another of my ultimate favorites, Josh Wilson, this spring, check out this video.  Looks like the Miracle Tour should be a real good time!