Everfound on Huckabee!

If you missed Everfound’s appearance on Huckabee last week, you can still check it out by clicking it here:  http://video.foxnews.com/v/2600687987001/huckabee-rocks-with-the-four-brothers-of-everfound/


Now, if you haven’t had a chance to see Everfound live and in person yet…then you are in for a treat!  While they seemed to be a little bit toned back for TV (actually, I think Huckabee was slowing them down.  Ha!), they are still pretty spectacular.  They jammed to the newest single called “God of the Impossible” off of their recently released self-titled debut album (for the record, I think I may have cheered loud enough to be heard at Fox News Studios in New York when I learned this was the next single.  I love this song!!)

Everfound’s jam on Huckabee came just days before it was announced that they are set to take part in the Winter Jam 2013 West Coast Tour along with the likes of the Newsboys, Crowder Music, Passion Band featuring Kristian Stanfill, Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Krutch, Plumb, NewSong, Building 429, Love and the Outcome, and Dara Maclean.

Yeah, and to think that I thought the 2013 East Coast Winter Jam Tour line-up was impressive.  This pretty much blows that theory to high heaven.

I’m officially moving to the West Coast.  Goodbye, Indiana, hello, somewhere-as-yet-to-be-decided-where-the-2013-West-Coast-Winter-Jam-Tour-will-be-stopping-this-fall.  (I’m open to suggestions.  If you have one, drop me a line at Beth@BethStauffer.com)


Everfound Release Update and DVR Alert!

From Press Release:



Scheduled to Make National TV Debut on Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee”

July 27



Nashville, TN – (July 16, 2013) – Everfound, a band comprised of four Russian-born brothers, released their self-titled label debut today to critical acclaim (iTunes link: http://smarturl.it/everfound). The band celebrated the release this past weekend at Saddleback Church in Southern California. Earlier this year they played there for a massive kick-off for “The Bible” mini-series, as their single “What Love Means” is featured on the companion CD, with Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Pastor Rick Warren in attendance. Immediately following the performance Warren declared via Twitter: “Mark my word: This band is going to be HUGE!” Everfound will continue the celebration on July 27 when they will make their national TV debut and perform their current Top 13 hit single, “Never Beyond Repair” on Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee.”


Everfound, co-produced by Seth Mosley (Francesca Battistelli, for KING & COUNTRY, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline) and Pete Kipley (Phil Wickham, Matthew West, MercyMe), features 14 tracks all written or co-written by the band. The band’s goal when creating this album was to write songs that could serve as the soundtrack to people’s daily lives. “Every song on this record is about something that we’ve gone through ourselves,” said lead singer Nikita. “The struggles, the defeats the victories, peaks, valleys and everything in between – all written with the goal of reaching people with the love of Christ.” Everfound’s songwriting fused with a rock sound that mirrors their musical influences which include The Killers, U2, Coldplay and 30 Seconds to Mars, results in a debut release that is garnering praise from critics in early reviews.


“Everfound is the top alt-rock album of the year. I can’t get enough of this album, which is loaded with catchy and hope-filled emotional rock songs. This album will stay in heavy rotation for me all year.” –NewReleaseTuesday.com


“Everfound’s self-titled debut is one to savor over and over again…now is the time for Everfound to shine and show the world that a new rock band is in town! And I suggest you all jump on the bandwagon, they’ll be the band on everyone’s lips pretty soon!” – Christianmusiczine.com


“…this popularity is only going to soar with its self-titled debut album.” – HM Magazine


“Of all the new bands that I’ve heard over the past couple years, I don’t know if I’ve been personally pulling for one harder than this one.” JesusfreakHideoout.com


If you only buy one new CD in 2013, make sure it’s the new release by this band.” – Spin: The Blog


The band recently wrapped up touring with the Dare 2 Share youth conference and spent last fall opening for Matthew West on his “Into the Light Tour.” They can be seen this summer throughout the country at various festivals:


July 18:                      Sonshine Festival – Willmar, MN

July 21:                      Roosevelt Baptist Church – Roosevelt, UT

August 3:                   Spirit West Coast – Salinas, CA

August 4-5:               Kingdom Bound – Darien Center, NY

August 7:                   Unity Fest – Muskegon, MI

August 10:                 Creation West – Enumclaw, WA

August 12-18:           Drift Creek Camp – Lincoln City, OR


Everfound is a band comprised of four Russian-born brothers who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990’s. Their Word debut album’s lead single, “Never Beyond Repair,” is currently No. 13 at Hot AC/CHR. These multi-instrumental and classically-trained musicians have played more than 800 shows throughout both the U.S. and Europe and released four albums independently. For further information and for listing of tour dates, please visit www.everfoundmusic.com.

And the Everfound CD Winners Are…

Woo-hoo!  I have winners to announce from my Everfound debut release CD bonanza giveaway I announced yesterday!  Hurray!  And the winners are….

1.  From Albuquerque, New Mexico….Darlene K.

2.  From Crawfordsville, Indiana…Hunter S.

3.  From Chicago, Illinois…Misty L.

4.  From Lexington, Kentucky…Carol H.

5.  From Sioux City, Iowa…Vanessa B.

These lucky winners answered the following question correctly–What is the only other band/artist that Beth has have ever offered a “Buy Back Guarantee” on that is also an award-winning Word Entertainment label mate of Everfound’s?  Which CD release from which one of Beth’s favorite bands/artists was it?

A few of the incorrect answers we received in spades–Matthew West: ‘Into the Light’, Kutless: Believer, Mandisa: Stronger, Sanctus Real: Run, Josh Wilson: Carry Me, and Plumb: Need You Now.  All good guesses, except for one thing.  None of these artists are Word Entertainment artist label mates of Everfounds!  That was a BIG clue, people 🙂

If you guessed any of these artists, you were a lot closer to being right:  Jason Castro’s ‘Only a Mountain’, Chris August’s ‘The Upside of Down’, for King & Country’s ‘Crave’ or Big Daddy Weave’s ‘Love Come to Life’ CDs you were very close.

If you answered the Sidewalk Prophets ‘Live Like That’ release from 2012, you nailed it.  While I’ve given away quite literally at least 50 of these CDs, and had probably another 25 “borrowed” (and never returned), I’ve never had anyone ask for me to buy ‘Live Like That’ back.

In fact, just tonight my neighbor was belting out ‘Wrecking Ball’ as he mowed the lawn compliments of one of my previous CD giveaways.  Unfortunately, it sounded atrocious (and I hope none of my other neighbors are ever able to trace his vocal stylings back to me or else I’ll ever hear the end of it) but I’m sure it sounds beautiful just the same in God’s ears.

So, my lovely winners Darlene, Hunter, Misty, Carol, and Vanessa are all receiving brand spanking new copies of Everfound’s debut release AND autographed copies of the Sidewalk Prophets Live Like That CD from my personal stash, with one stipulation—if they are gonna mow the lawn while singing any one of the tunes from either of these great CDs, they better be singing it loud and proud!

Congratulations winners, and, if you didn’t win and are a Colton Dixon/Capital Kings fan sit tight because I am about to post another giveaway trivia question here on Spin: the Blog in about 10 seconds!!

Everfound’s Debut A Torch For New Gen of Christians

7 pm on November 9th, 2012 sort of marked a pivotal point in my life.

(Side note:  if my BFF Sarah is reading this right now, I know she is rolling her eyes because she knows where I’m going with this.  Let me explain…)

This was the night, exactly 250 days ago today, that Sarah and I headed out to Auer Hall at IPFW in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Into the Light Tour concert stop featuring (as far as we knew) Lindsay McCaul, Mikeschair, and Matthew West.

The evening was freezing cold for early November, and as I recall, I had to walk what seemed like a mile across the frozen Indiana tundra in my as-yet-unbroken-in-heels to get to the venue.  When Sarah and I finally got there, I realized I had grabbed the wrong camera bag and I didn’t have my Press Pass.  (And to think, I was just complaining about walking a mile in my shoes…little did I realize running 2 miles in the same  pair of shoes was not going to be any more pleasant!)

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when I returned to the venue.

“Hey, what’s with this Everfound band?”  I vividly remember Sarah asking me, pointing at her ticket stub.  “Are they any good?”

“Never heard of them,” I replied.  “I didn’t even know they were on the billing tonight,” I added, shrugging my shoulders.

With that, I briefly debated leaving my seat to go out and peruse the array of colorful  t-shirts for sale in the lobby, because, really, how good could a band named Everfound that I’ve never even heard of before be anyways?

Right on cue, the lights faded and Everfound’s set started.

To answer my own question: Quite simply, Everfound ended up being pretty darn good.

I was hooked within the first 5 seconds of their energetic, wildly crowd pleasing set.  (Now that I mention it, I never did buy a t-shirt that night.  Oh well!)

In all seriousness, however, before 7 pm on November 9th, 2012, I had never heard of a band called Everfound.

After November 9th, 2012, I haven’t stopped talking about that very same band, Everfound.

Yan, Everfound's drummer

Yan, Everfound’s drummer

I know I’ve written previously on Spin: the Blog how I happened to accidentally meet the Everfound brothers later that November night, and, I’m pretty sure I will not soon forget Nikita’s reaction to seeing my official press credentials dangling around my neck because he literally jumped over the band’s makeshift merchandise table to talk to me.

After inspecting my badge, Nikita began asking me a series of questions as if he was the chief investigative journalist for the evening (instead of me):  “Are you a writer?  Who do you write for?  Do you write about music?  Have you ever met anyone famous?  Hey, Ruslan, Larry, she’s a writer!  Come talk to her!”

Personally, I was a lot more interested in hearing their story than my own.

Ruslan, Everfound's guitarist/keyboard player

Ruslan, Everfound’s guitarist/keyboard player

The lively and engaging brothers told me briefly about their compelling story, which began in the United States after they emigrated here as young children from the Soviet Union.  “It’s hard for us to imagine what it was like to be a Christian for our parents and grandparents,” Nikita told me that night, telling me the story of his great-grandfather who spent 20 years in prison simply for owning a Bible.

It seems to me that the courage and conviction that Nikita, Ruslan, Illarion, and Yan’s ancestors so boldly displayed on a continent thousands of miles away so very long ago is now plainly evident in Everfound’s debut full length album on Word Entertainment.


So, without further adieu, here are my track by track thoughts about the self-titled project, which I’m told the classically trained band of brothers originally whittled down to 12 from 75 pieces that were either written or co-written by Everfound.  According to Nikita, “Each of the songs that made the record are deeply personal and hand-selected favorites.  This album has been more than two years in the making and we are very proud of it and excited to see how the songs will connect with our fans!”

Track 1, Pyatigorsk—A luminous, big sounding instrumental intro befitting the musical feast for the ears that is to come.  Don’t sweat what the word looks like or how you would say it; a quick Google search seems to indicate that ‘Pyatigorsk’ is a Russian city, so if I were to guess, perhaps this is the place where Everfound’s story originally begins.  I think if this is true, it’s quite fitting that it’s the name of the first track of their self-titled debut CD, too.

Track 2—Go—I am immediately struck by Nikita’s sparkly bright, clean vocals on this track.  There is something about Nikita’s tone and style that is reminiscent of Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North (which, coming from me is a huge compliment!).  At other times I hear elements of a young, fresh Ryan Tedder and company from One Republic (again, major kudos as I love One Republic.) 

Yet, even with these lofty comparisons, Everfound doesn’t wait around leaning too heavily on comparables, waiting to establish their own unique sound;  quite literally, they go to work right away showing listeners the full gamut of what they are capable of musically.

As a result, I thought Go was a rocking and refreshing, hip young tune; however,  I do recommend getting vaccinated prior to listening to Go due to its downright infectious hook.  Go is so good, I’m concerned it might just start a pandemic.

Track 3—Unless—This track had me at ‘catastrophe’.  Lyrically, Everfound’s album is consistently all-around brilliant.  As a writer and self-proclaimed word girl, I feel well qualified to comment on just how good these lyrics are.  In fact, I liked the lyrics to this album so much that I had to request a copy of them from Word because they are so good.  Consider Unless my “Everfound’s album is all-around consistently brilliant” Exhibit A.  Check it—

Stuck in a catastrophe /Life is tearing at the seams/There’s no way that I can hold it in/Sinking in the ashes of/Everything that I once loved/I’d give it all to get it back again/Stuck on a wire/And it feels like it’s over 


Unless/A miracle/Takes control/And rescues my fallen world/I confess/I’m such a mess/I’m already dead/Unless”

Now, listen to how they pair up these lyrics with the music, and your mind will be completely blown.  You haven’t heard a stylistically savvy blend of punk-infused modern rock at its finest until you’ve listed to Unless.  Seriously.Good.Stuff.

Track- 4—Never Beyond Repair—If there is one thing I want you to remember about this review forever, this is it: the song Never Beyond Repair is a life-changer.

I have loved this song since the first second the very first notes touched my ears for the very  first time.

If your heart isn’t touched by this song, you might need to see a cardiologist because there is seriously something wrong with you.

Perhaps the reason I love this song so much is because it describes my past life experiences to a perfect T.  I have so been there.  I have so felt like I was beyond repair, and wasted so much time living like I was beyond repair.

If there was ever one song I could go back in time and play for me as teenage Beth, maybe even younger, Never Beyond Repair would be the one.

“You’ve done what you promised that you’d never do/Your innocence gone and your fears coming true/

How did you end up like this, feeling so lost/Like your life is in pieces too broken to fix/

And shame’s got you tied to a weight you can’t lift/But the biggest mistake that you made isn’t too big



You’re not beyond repair/Grace meets you anywhere/And the mess of your heart/Is where love’s gonna start/‘Cause you are/

Never beyond repair”

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Nikita, Ruslan, Yan (and Seth Mosley!) for writing this song.  If I could reach thru the computer and give you a big hug right now, I most certainly would.  In fact, would somebody please put these lyrics on my tombstone when I die because this song right here is where it’s AT!  I LOVE this song, and this message.

Track 5—Count The Stars—So, following the first four stellar tracks, I figured “Well, that has to be about it, right?”  Wrong.  Bring on a hopefully haunting, soaring vocal performance by Nikita, more solid lyrics, and more spot on music and I have to say, I continue to be impressed.  I honestly thought at some points during Count The Stars I heard some old school circa-Peter-Furler-Newsboys-Spirit-Thing-days throwback vibes.  How awesome is that?  (Those were the good old days!)

Track 6—God of the Impossible—This song is destined for great things.  I love the lyrics, and I love the fact that this morning I heard my six-year-old son Alex in his bedroom banging away on his drums and singing:

Here I am, Lord, send me/I won’t look back ‘cause I was made/To be a part of the impossible/You’re God of the impossible

Here I am, Lord, send me/I won’t back down ‘cause I believe/You are the God of the impossible/Here I am, send me”


No matter who you are, after a listen or two of this song, you will undoubtedly feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart: not only will you feel totally sick (in a good way) like your face is painted half blue and your bad self’s pumped up and ready to run into battle against the enemy,  you will also have an amazing new battle cry in your heart to listen to as you fight the good fight.

Plaid kilt and spear completely optional, and sold separately.

(Also on a side note, in case this is the first time you’ve read my blog, my aforementioned son Alex has impeccable taste in music, and he is also the world’s leading expert on for King & Country, Everfound’s label mates at Word Entertainment.)

Track 7—Hallelujah—This track, which was co-written by Nikita and Ruslan,  totally made me smile.  In my head, every time I listened to this song I kept picturing Hallelujah as a fabulous music video because it would very easily translate to a Family Force 5-esque video in the vein of Wobble, Cray Button or Chainsaw.  I mean, who wouldn’t love Hallelujah as the next punkified rock music video/ internet sensation?  I know I’d watch it at least a few thousand times!


Track 8—Somewhere New—This is the only track on the album written exclusively by one person:  Nikita.  Beautiful in its simplistic fragility and innocent intimacy, there’s just something special about this one.  The result is a poignant, heartfelt track that is impossible to ignore or forget about.  I double dog dare you to try.

Track 9—Hurt—Here is where Everfound begins to reveal the true essence of what I believe they are one day capable of accomplishing musically.  Up until this point, Nikita’s vocals are nothing if not consistently fresh, young, and perfectly suited to each musical composition.  Then, in Hurt, Nikita just leaves all his previous delivery methods behind.  He walks away from what is comfortable for him, completely stripping away his typical vocalizations and delivering for the first time a raw, mature, elemental performance.

If you knew nothing about Everfound and track 9 happened to be the first song you ever heard by the band, you would have no idea how old Nikita is, and it wouldn’t even matter to you because his voice is everything that is right about this song.

Track 10—Lubit hristos bezmerna—Another shout out to Everfound’s homeland.  Again, do not fear the spelling or pronunciation; just enjoy the short instrumental piece, and if you know what ‘Lubit hristos bezmerna’ means, by all means post it below in the comments section!  I’d love to know.

Track 11—Torch—Light it up, boys and girls, because Everfound’s in the home stretch and they’re gonna end this debut release with a bang!  I love the energy in this song, and can only imagine how fantastically well this number would translate to a live Everfound performance (have I mentioned how amazing Everfound is to see live?  Because they are!)  The lyrics are spectacular on this one as well: “And if it rains or pours / I’m screaming I am Yours / And no one will ignore who I’m living for / I’m carrying the torch.”  I have to give up some mad props to Yan on the drums on this one, too.  So stellar, I’m betting even Stellar Kart would approve 🙂

Track 12—Take This City—One of my personal favorites of among slow jams on the album, the song Take This City should be a focal point of the entire album for Everfound fans.  If this CD was a book, then this would be the scene right before the climax and falling action where tensions are rising and everything has to go just right or it all falls apart.

Everfound delivers big, playing the part perfectly with that succinct blend of vocals, perfectly timed crescendos, and instrumentation that I am ever so fond of.

(Oh, and if you think you’re hearing a little bit ‘o resemblance to Alex’s favorite band, for King and Country on track #12, you have a really good ear, my friend—Joel Smallbone of for King & Country fame is credited as a co-writer this go round.  As my Grandma’s Australian friend Tania would always say when she didn’t believe something was true: “Stone the crows!”)

Track 13—We Are Alive—Once again, a more mature sounding Nikita emerges, breaking through and outright nailing this anthemic whopper of a song.  This song is upbeat, it’s memorable and appealing, just like the rest of the album.  It put a song in my heart, and made me want to come back for more of Everfound’s music again and again.

Track 14—What Love Means—What Love Means ends the album on a truly high note.  I found myself getting a little emotional listening to the following lyrics (which, coincidentally, is totally unlike me):

“You gave away Your life/The greatest sacrifice/You did it all so I can know what love means

There’s nothing good in me/But You see what I can’t see/And through it all, Your cross shows me what love means 

Love comes with a price/You paid with Your life/So I give You mine 

There’s nothing good in me/But You see what I can’t see/And through it all, Your cross shows me what love means”

I think it is pretty clear not only what love means, but what Everfound means, too.

I think it should also be pretty clear what I mean when I say that I love this album:  it has helped me to reconnect and reinvigorate my faith, simultaneously allowing me to reflect on where I’ve been (Never Beyond Repair, Unless), where I’m going (Go, Somewhere New), and why I’m going there (Torch, What Love Means).


Illarion, Everfound’s Bassist

This morning, I asked my 6-year-old son if he wanted me to give him $7 to buy a CD of the music he’s learning at Vacation Bible School this week.

“No thanks,” Alex replied, shaking his head.  “I’d rather save my money and buy some good music like the new Everfound CD tomorrow, Mommy.  I really like it!”

I tell you this not to reiterate that fact that my son not only has awesome taste in music like his mom, but to point out just how important the bonds of family are no matter who you are or where you are from.

As I reflect on this very highly anticipated (by me) album from Everfound, I can’t help but think about that night last November when Nikita, Ruslan, Yan and Larry talked with me so openly about their own family, particularly about how their ancestors couldn’t even openly talk about their Christian faith prior to emigrating from Russia.

To be able to listen to Christian music like the album Everfound is releasing today on the radio probably would have sounded like a pie in the sky dream to the Odnoralov’s great-grandfather who once went to prison for owning a Bible.

Somehow defying all odds, today the great-grandsons of that same prisoner have a top 20 radio hit in the form of Never Beyond Repair.  They also have, at least in my opinion, the standout full length debut album of 2013.

With this release, Everfound lights a torch for a new generation of Christians to follow while inspiring and encouraging those believers yet to come to Christ with their music and compelling story that spans an ocean and multiple continents, time and several generations, heaven and earth.

Truly, the God of the impossible has made what likely once seemed impossible for the Odnoralov brothers possible by sending a family with a band of musical brothers to Denver, Colorado.

Now, how amazing is that?

My signed Everfound EP.  I've been carrying this around in my camera bag since I met the band in November when they were on the Into the Light Tour with Matthew West.  I knew then they were going to make it big!

My signed Everfound EP. I’ve been carrying this around in my camera bag since I met the band in November when they were on the Into the Light Tour with Matthew West. I knew then they were going to make it big!

Since I met the Odnoralov brothers back in November, I’ve been carrying around their autographed EP in my camera bag and showing it to everyone I meet with the advice, “If you only buy one new CD in 2013, make sure it’s the new release by this band.”

That’s just a sampling of how much I believed in these guys after seeing them perform once and meeting them; however, after listening to a pre-release copy of their full length debut, I’m fully prepared to up the ante—if you are a Spin: the Blog subscriber and buy Everfound’s new release and aren’t totally WOWED by it, send me an e-mail (Beth@BethStauffer.com) and I will buy it back from you. 

Seriously, I will (but I am confident  that once you hear this CD, you aren’t going to want to part with it EVER!  The only other time I ever did a buy back guarantee like this with another band, I had no takers so I do know what I’m talking about!)

Also, if you are one of the first 5 people to e-mail me at Beth@BethStauffer.com the correct answer to the following trivia question, I will send you a free copy of the brand new Everfound CD!  Here’s your clue:

The only other band/artist that I have ever offered a “Buy Back Guarantee” on along with her Must Buy recommendation is an award-winning Word Entertainment label mate of Everfound’s.  Which CD release from which one of Beth’s favorite bands/artists was it?

You must correctly name band/artist AND the name of the band/artist’s CD to win.  If you are one of the winners, you will be notified by e-mail and asked to provide your mailing address; you must respond within 48 hours to this request, or you will forfeit your prize and it will be given to the next correctly answered entrant in the queue.

Oh, and what the heck…just for fun, I’m going to throw in autographed copies of the mystery CD by the mystery band/artist  since I happen to have a few copies in my stash 🙂 

So, the top 5 winners will get 2 of my nuevo favorite CD’s this week….woot-woot! 

Good luck….and, can I win?

Breaking Everfound News!

I know I’ve said this at least a half a dozen times before, but I think it bears repeating:

One of the new music groups just hitting the scene that I am most excited about is the band Everfound.

I saw them when they opened for Matthew West’s Into the Light Tour last fall, and after seeing them play my knee jerk reaction was, “Well, Matthew West can pack it up and head for home.  I would be content to just watch Everfound play the rest of the night.”

They were seriously that good.  (No offense, Matthew West.  You ended up earning your ticket price, but that’s neither here nor there.   There will be no hijacking of this blog about Everfound today!)

I’ve been toting around my autographed Everfound EP in my camera case/media bag ever since, and as I dig thru my bag while out on assignment I make a point of showing the EP to everyone I meet.  I think I paid maybe $5 (if that) for it, but it was well worth it.  Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next on July 16th!

From Press Release…



Lead Single, “Never Beyond Repair,” Available for Purchase Now at Digital Retailers


Nashville, TN – (April 16, 2013) – Everfound, a band comprised of four Russian-born brothers, is set to release their self-titled Word Entertainment debut album July 16. The album’s lead single and Top 20 hit, “Never Beyond Repair,” is available for purchase now at all digital retailers (iTunes link: http://smarturl.it/everfound). Starting on April 30, the band will ask fans to vote at everfoundmusic.com to unlock a new full song stream each week leading into the album release. In addition, their song “What Love Means” is featured on Word Entertainment’s musical companion to the History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible.” The band also played at a massive kick-off event for the mini-series with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey in partnership with Rick Warren at Saddleback Church to which Warren declared via Twitter, “Mark my word: This band is going to be HUGE!”


“Everfound is the real deal. They are classically trained instrumentalists, gifted songwriters and passionate and driven artists on a mission,” said Word Entertainment President & CEO Rod Riley. “From the very first time we saw them perform, we were blown away with their engaging live show and ability to connect with their fans.”


Everfound, co-produced by Seth Mosley (Francesca Battistelli, for KING & COUNTRY Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline) and Pete Kipley (Phil Wickham, Matthew West, MercyMe), features 12 tracks all written or co-written by the band. The brothers, who began at an early age playing classical piano, have since used that influence throughout the album with Nikita on lead vocals and keys, Ruslan on guitar and keys, Yan on drums and Illarion on bass. “This album has been more than two years in the making and we are very proud of it and excited to see how the songs will connect with our fans!” said lead singer Nikita. “We wrote over 75 songs for this release and each of the songs that made the record are deeply personal and hand-selected favorites.”


Everfound track listing:

  1. Pyatigorsk
  2. Go
  3. Unless
  4. Never Beyond Repair
  5. Count the Stars
  6. God of the Impossible
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Somewhere New
  9. Hurt

10. Lubit Lish Hristos Bezmerna

11. Torch

12. Take This City

13. We are Alive

14. What Love Means


The band recently wrapped up touring with the Dare 2 Share youth conference and spent last fall opening for Matthew West on his “Into the Light Tour.” They can be seen this summer throughout the country at various festivals:


June 20:        ALIVE – Mineral City, OH

June 28:        Creation East – Shirleysburg, PA

June 20:        Harmony By The Bay – Menominee, MI

July 11-12:    Lifefest – Oshkosh, WI

July 18:          Sonshine Festival – Willmar, MN

August 3:       Spirit West Coast – Salinas, CA

August 4-5:   Kingdombound – Darien Center, NY

August 7:       Unity Fest – Muskegon, MI

August 10:     Creation West – Enumclaw, WA


For a complete listing of upcoming dates and further information on the band, please visit www.everfoundmusic.com.

Duck Dynasty Commander Phil Robertson Shares Personal Testimony

I know, I know, this technically isn’t Christian Music News, but it’s totally awesome so I thought I would share it anyway!  (Plus, I’m going to tie it all in together with a Christian Music video at the end…how smart am I?  Just kidding!)

As many of you know, I am a die-hard fan of the television series Duck Dynasty.  Watching this show is sort of like going back home to the farmhouse I grew up in rural Indiana a few years back.  Come to think of it, if my Dad had a ZZ Top beard and a Southern accent, he could be a dead ringer for Phil Robertson (or, on an off day, Uncle Si!)  I grew up listening to my Dad and brother talk non-stop about hunting ducks and/or deer and/or a variety of other critters, so I can totally relate to the Robertson family guys.  I also love how they end every single show praying together around the family table, because that’s how it always was at my house growing up, too.

So, when I came across this video of Phil Robertson sharing his story of how he came to know and accept Jesus and begin to follow in His ways, I knew I had to share it with you all.

My favorite part of the video, though, is when Phil talks about how he felt that at 28 years old, he was nothing more than a worthless scumbag.  Robertson said, in a way that only he can, “When I heard in fact that Jesus was God in flesh, and not only that, but it took the blood of God to remove the sins of my drugs, sex and rock n roll lifestyle.  That was a mighty kind thing for him to do for a scumbag like me.”

My other favorite part of the video is when the former Duck Commander talks about the man who led him to Christ.  Who knows how many other Phil Robertsons there are out there who have experienced similar coming to faith stories, all because some guy came to a beer joint to try and start up a Bible study and pass out some Bible tracts?  This nameless guy might have been run out of the bar that night, but not before planting some life-saving seeds in the heart of Phil Robertson.

Such a great story, and a reminder to all of us who are already walking with the Lord that you just never know whose life you might be touching when you share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

(And now, for the tie-in…)

Since I’m always thinking about music, this story reminded me of Everfound’s new single, “Never Beyond Repair.”  After watching both videos, I think you’ll understand why!

Enjoy, and thanks for indulging my whimsy when it comes to Duck Dynasty.  (And because I know I will get many e-mails wanting to know who my favorite character on Duck Dynasty is…yeah, it’s crazy Uncle Si.  He’s one lovable lunatic!)

Behind the Scenes of Everfound’s “Never Beyond Repair”

As if I didn’t already LOVE the song “Never Beyond Repair” beyond words…Everfound’s promo team at Word Records released a behind the scenes look at the making of the band’s new hit single.

The video gives fans not only an unprecedented look at the making of “Never Beyond Repair,” but also gives a peek at the dynamic quartet of Russian born brothers Ruslan, Yan, Nikita, and Illarion. The brothers moved to the United States in 1996 after their family fled Russia as political refugees.

Two things really stood out for me in this video: #1, I’m glad that I’m not the only who drives around for long periods of time, fervishly jotting down notes about what I want to write about later at red lights (Thank you, Ruslan, for sharing that little tidbit!); and #2, I loved how Nikita shared how he had a sinking feeling after listening to the demo of “Never Beyond Repair” because he knew he was going to have to sing the song night after night (to find out why, you’ll have to watch the video because Nikita’s description is way better than mine!)

Check out the video below!

This N That Music News, Tuesday 2/26/2013

It’s cold in Indiana today. We are in the midst of an ice storm, and as a result I am cowering under a stack of warm blankets right now trying to keep warm. So, partially because I’m trying to stay warm and partially because I’m feeling kind of lazy I’m just going to write one mashed up blog highlighting some of the music news of the day.

First and most news worthy (OK, at least to me) was that one of my favorite bands, the Sidewalk Prophets (@swprophets), tweeted today that they spent the day writing some new music with frequent co-writer, Sam Mizell (@SamMizell). Yay! The band’s lead singer, Dave Frey (@swpdave), later tweeted “Writing Christmas tunes with our good friend @SamMizell. Gonna be glorious!” Granted, I’m not quite as excited about new Christmas music as I would be about, let’s say, all season multi-purpose Sidewalk Prophets music, but regardless I’m sure it will indeed be glorious as promised.

In other Sidewalk Prophets news, band co-founder Ben McDonald today announced the winners of the “Love To Sing” video cover contest. Congrats to sisters Salah and Shekinah on their winning cover of the band’s tune, ‘Love Love Love.’ You can check out their video on YouTube below:

Next up, does anyone remember Stryper besides me? Don’t try and deny it, you know you do! (How could anyone forget the classic ‘To Hell With the Devil’?) I remember being 7 or 8 years old, brown pigtails and all, listening to Stryper with my Dad.

Those were good times.

Well, the good times are about to rock and roll again as Stryper is set to release an album of new music this March on Frontier Records. The first single off ‘Second Coming’, the new the album, is called ‘Bleeding From the Inside Out’ and was released on February 25th, 2013. You can find out all the deets on Stryper’s new music in the video below where Michael Sweet & company discuss the band’s history and future:

Okay, so while we are talking about things we do and don’t remember…do you remember yesterday when I told y’all about the new Everfound single, ‘Never Beyond Repair?’ Remember how I said I thought this was going to be a big song for the group in the near future? And, remember how I encouraged y’all to call up your radio station and ask them to play ‘Never Beyond Repair’? Well, today Everfound (@Everfound) tweeted the following: “Last night we found out that our song Never Beyond Repair is the MOST-ADDED song on Christian Radio this week!”

Well..told ya so!

Congrats Everfound on your recent success! Very well deserved 🙂

Last but not least, in other Twitter-y news of the day, Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus posted a super cute picture of a Skype chat with his 5 week old son on Instagram today. Little Roman is the cutest baby ever! (You can check out the photo on Instagram by clicking here.) Congrats to the Dring family on this new little sweetie!

In other Rapture Ruckus news, the band recently added a lyric video for their new song that I am obsessed with, ‘In Crowd’. The song was recorded live at the famed Parachute Music Festival in New Zealand last fall and you can download it for free at the Rapture Ruckus website, http://www.RaptureRuckus.com. Not much better in life than great music that is free 🙂

Everfound Releases New Single, “Never Beyond Repair”

I truly had a blast last year listening to a crazy amount of music and going to an insane amount of concerts (I lost track after 100).  I saw some of the biggest names in Christian music on tour, from TobyMac, the Newsboys, MercyMe and the Casting Crowns to Matthew West, Kutless, Sanctus Real, and Tenth Avenue North (and pretty much everything in between).

In all of my 2012 concertgoing, there were two performances by newcomers that literally had me scraping my jaw up off the floor afterwards because they were SOOOO good!  The first happened in July at the Star 88.3 Music Stage during 3 Rivers Festival when The City Harmonic took to the stage.

The second took place at Auer Hall at IPFW this past November during Matthew West’s ‘Into the Light’ tour.  If you happened to catch one of Matthew West’s shows last fall, I know that you know who I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the band of Russian born brothers, Nikita, Larry, Ruslan, and Yan who make up the band Everfound.

After watching Everfound at Auer Hall in November, my friend Sarah and I were speechless.  We were floored.  We were in complete and total awe.

These guys are the REAL deal.

I almost felt bad for Lindsay McCaul, MIKESCHAIR, and Matthew West for having to follow Everfound’s act because they were one heck of a tough act to follow.  In fact, I wrote the following on my blog in a review of the concert the day after Everfound’s stop at IPFW:

“Prior to the concert, I had never heard of Everfound.  I’m guessing you may not have heard of Everfound either, but I’m also going to bet that this is about to change in a big way in the very near future.

Everfound pretty much has all of the elements necessary to be a huge success in any genre of music:  great music, a young, ultra-hip look, and a very interesting back story.  Did I mention that they are also freakishly awesome performers, too?  We’re talking bigger than big energy.”

Needless to say, I’ve been anxiously anticipating the release of Everfound’s next big thing in the days since November.

Happily, on February 22nd, they released the single ‘Never Beyond Repair’ to radio as the first single off of their next (name unknown to me) album.  I haven’t heard it on the radio yet, but not for lack of my calling and annoying both local Christian radio stations.  Luckily for me, I found a  sweet live acoustic rendition of the song over on YouTube.  Check it out below, then give your local radio station a call to suggest that they play it!