Breaking News: Plumb Announces Need You Now Tour!

I am SO excited for this!! Not only is Plumb headed out on tour this fall for the first time in 7 years, she’s taking two of my favorites with her–Josh Wilson AND Mikeschair! Somebody sign me up for tickets now! This is going to be AWESOME 🙂

from Press Release:

PLUMB Announces First Tour in Seven Years
Sponsored by Metro World Child, the Need You Now Tour to Feature
Josh Wilson and Mikeschair as Support

Nashville, TN – Curb Recording artist PLUMB announced today her upcoming “Need You Now” tour, sponsored by Metro World Child. After taking a seven-year hiatus from the road, the tour will kick off in September and will travel to 24 cities throughout the fall. Josh Wilson and Mikeschair will join the tour as support.

Need You Now, the album, has received rave reviews and incredible fan support. The title track received early confirmation from radio, hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard Christian CHR chart for 5 weeks in a row, and (sales chart?) Her new single “One Drop” has been getting early support, debuting this week on the Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR chart at number 23.

Plumb explains, “I am SO excited to officially announce the “Need You Now” tour, which also happens to be my very first headlining tour. I have been off the road for some time now, starting a family…and now is the perfect time to come back. I can’t imagine a better album than Need You Now to make all this happen. It’s an honor to be sharing the stage with two of my favorite artists, Josh Wilson and Mikeschair. Plus, now my kiddos are old enough to work…they can count t-shirts…or something. Ha! See you this fall!”

Metro World Child has signed on as the key sponsor of the tour. For the past 33 years, MWC reaches 100,000 inner city children and their families in New York City and in various urban centers around the globe. As a faith-based humanitarian organization, Metro World Child believes that transformation comes from the inside and is designed to break destructive cycles and give children hope for the future.

Confirmed tour dates include:

9/27 – Charlotte, NC
9/28 – Columbia, SC
9/29 – Macon, GA
10/4 – Brunswick, OH
10/5 – Mount Vernon, OH
10/6 – Holland, MI
10/9 – Vienna, VA
10/11 – Vineland, NJ
10/12 – Burlington, VT
10/13 – York, PA
10/17 – Campbellsville, KY
10/19 – Memphis, TN
10/20 – Ft. Smith, AR
10/25 – Farmington, NM
10/26 – Queen Creek, AZ
10/28 – Perryton, TX

New Tunes Tuesday: You Pick 2!


What’s a girl who writes a Christian music blog supposed to do when an old favorite and a new favorite both release brand new music on the same day?  I mean, really, how am I supposed to just pick one when I like them both so much?

This terrible dilemna has forced me to do something completely unprecedented and forward thinking (if I do say so myself) on Spin: The Blog today.

I picked them both for New Tunes Tuesday!

all things new

First let’s talk about my new favorite, All Things New!  Their debut project, entitled ‘All Things New’, is even better than I hoped for.  I first became acquainted with the band’s music a month or two ago (you can actually read about it by clicking here).  As I suspected once I learned that ATN are label mates with the likes of Kutless, Jeremy Camp, and Seventh Day Slumber, their debut release would be not only a powerful and compelling testimony true to their experiences, but rockin’ as well.

All Things New did not disappoint; in fact, they surpassed every single expectation that I had based solely upon on their first single, ‘New Man’.

I’m going to try to briefly surmise what I like the most about ATN’s album.  As a whole, the ATN album is not a neat and tidy compilation of music based on vanilla lives.  These songs are true to life, beautifully relatable; heartbreaking at times, but (and this is what I like the most) consistently and steadfastly hopeful in the promises of the Father.  The precious and redeeming blood of Jesus Christ is where it’s at, and ATN never deviates from that core belief for one second.

Musically speaking, there is a lot for everyone to like about ATN’s album as well.  Are you a vocalist lover?  I have no doubt that lead singer Garrett Hornbuckle’s soaring tenor will literally resonate with you.  There are also some pretty sweet harmonies interspersed throughout the album, and I particularly liked those in the opening track, ‘Washed Over Me’.  Like drums?  In official drummer lingo, I think it’s safe to say that Luke Wycuff has “great chops”.  Jeff Stein (guitars) and Josh Schou (guitars and bass) also put forth solid efforts, even throwing in a little banjo for good measure.  Lyrics your thing?  See the above paragraph, and keep in mind that the ATN co-wrote each of the 10 songs on the album, even calling in some big name help from the fantastic singing/songwriting veteran Matt Hammitt (Sanctus Real) on the powerful, Sanctus Real-y sounding track, ‘Borderline’.  (Come to think of it, if you like Sanctus Real you will LOVE All Things New.  You know, just saying!)

All in all, All Things New’s first foray into the field of mass-released Christian music is a huge victory for the band.  You can pick up your own copy of All Things New’s latest on iTunes today for the bargain basement price of $7.99; for the record, though, you’ll never find music as good as this in any bargain basement I’m aware of.


Josh Wilson

My 2nd pick in today’s ‘You Pick 2’  New Tunes Tuesday extravaganza is the much-anticipated new release by Josh Wilson, “Carry Me”.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time longer than, say, ten minutes, you probably already know that I think Josh Wilson is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters not just in Christian music, but in the whole wide world.

Seriously, this guy is crazy talented.    (You need no further proof than to go to his ‘Noel’ Christmas concerts to see him play something like 20+ instruments, most of which I don’t even know the names of, to realize I know what I’m talking about here.)

With this being said, Carry Me is your typical, standard Josh Wilson fare.  (Loose translation–Superb.  Brilliant. Spectacular.  I think you get the picture.) 

Now, I already mentioned that Josh Wilson can probably play every instrument known to mankind.  Yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I don’t even think this pretty neat fact is really where Josh Wilson’s strength lies as an artist.

Honestly, I’m hard pressed to think of  anyone else who is such a consistently resplendent songwriter.  Wilson has a real knack for creating bright, whimsical melodies and lyrics that are powerfully evocative.

Carry Me is no exception to the rule; rather, I think it may one day prove to be one of the crowning jewels in Josh Wilson’s expanding repertorie.  (This morning I went to my library of CD’s and by my count, this is something like his 8th major label release.)

Honestly, what more can I say?  (Well, I could say that he’s currently out on tour with Third Day, and Third Day doesn’t just let just anybody open for them.)  

Without further adieu, you should go pick up the 12 track ‘Carry Me’ over on iTunes today.  (According to Twitter all the cool kids are doing it, including Plumb, Colton Dixon, and Third Day’s Mac Powell!)

Josh Wilson’s Carry Me Album Sampler Now on YouTube

On of my favorites, singer-songwriter Josh Wilson, released an album sampler on YouTube today for his next project, Carry Me, which will release on 4/9/2013. The album features 12 new tracks, including the title track “Carry Me”, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes by clicking here.

From the sampler, it really sounds like this is going to be another solid album from Josh Wilson that features his emotionally sincere songwriting, rich musicality, and easy on the ears voice.  I’m looking forward to April 9th!  (In the meantime, you should really check Josh out in concert!  He’s currently out on the road with Third Day and Colton Dixon on the Miracle Tour.)

Josh Wilson’s ‘Carry Me’ Available on iTunes today!

I know how much y’all have been loving Josh Wilson’s ‘Carry Me’ so today’s the day to go over to iTunes and buy it!

On a side note, I’ve been inundated with e-mails from you, my super smart and beautiful readers, about how much this song means to you, and I have to say, you’re not alone.

Last week, I was admitted to the hospital for a bunch of outpatient testing after something suspicious looking turned up on a routine exam I had done the week before.  In a nutshell, the doctors thought I had cancer.  Within the span of a three-minute phone call, my world had flipped upside down, which is really saying something since in the last 365 days I’ve been thru both a series of strokes and a death-defying car accident on the interstate.

At my relatively young age, cancer was not something I was prepared for.

Anyways, while everyone else around me was freaking out and planning my funeral (yes, Mom, I’m talking about you) while we waited for the appointed hour of my more invasive testing to take place, I kept coming back to my go to song ‘Carry Me’ on YouTube to help me keep my sense of peace intact.

I totally felt how true this song really is last week.  The power of music, especially when combined with the power of the Holy Spirit, never fails to amaze me.

Fortunately, my test results came back A-OK.  The wonky looking thing on the original test just turned out to be a regular old lymph node, so I’ll live to write another day.  (Continuing to look on the bright side of things, I was also able to make it very, very clear to my family that under no circumstances do I want organ music played as my final tribute when that day comes.  I’m thinking more along the lines of old school Newsboys and one of my favorite DC Talk songs.  But, enough of that!)  

So, if you haven’t bought ‘Carry Me’ yet, or if by some chance you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song yet, go to iTunes and get yourself a copy!  You’ll be really glad you did, I promise.

“Jesus calm my heart
Come near me please
Lord, don’t let these worries get the best of me
Oh I believe, that You’re still here with me
Cause You meant what You said when You said You’d never leave

Carry me, carry me, carry me now”

~Carry Me lyrics, by Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson’s ‘Carry Me’ Striking a Chord with Listeners

A week or so ago, I shared the official lyric video for “Carry Me” here on the Spin: The Blog and I think I may have received more positive feedback on this song from my readers than any other song I’ve shared in recent memory.  “Carry Me” really seems to be striking a chord with people all over the world, and I mean that quite literally as I’ve received e-mails from such random places as Rock Island, Washington and Huxley, Iowa to Hadath, Lebanon and Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland.

One e-mail about “Carry Me” that I received particularly made an impression on me.  26 year old Regina Stout is currently stationed overseas with the US Army where she is in month 6 of an 18 month deployment.  When Regina was deployed, she left behind a nine month old daughter, Shelby, and her fiance, Ryan.  In her e-mail, Regina wrote:  “Thank you so much for sharing this video.  This song means so much to me right now.  Its been a struggle to leave my family behind, but knowing that Jesus is carrying me now and will never leave makes all the difference in the world to me.”

Well Regina, don’t thank me…I’m just a girl with a laptop and internet connection; Josh Wilson, on the other hand, deserves all the thanks for creating and sharing this song with the rest of us.

I was fortunate to hear Josh Wilson share the story behind “Carry Me” at his Noel Christmas concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana last December.  It was such a moving story, I knew I couldn’t possibly retell the story and do it justice here on my blog.  Luckily, I discovered that Josh wrote and published the story in his own words on his website recently, and you can read it by clicking here.  If you like the song “Carry Me,” you should definitely head over to Josh’s website and check out the story behind the song!

Also, today the super spectacular radio station K-LOVE released an exclusive live video of Josh performing “Carry Me”.  K-LOVE always does a nice job with these videos, but I  thought they did an especially nice job with this one.  If, after reading the story behind “Carry Me” and watching this video, you have not shed a few tears, you may in fact not be human.  (Just kidding!  But just to be safe, you might want to have some tissues handy!)

Behind the making of a ‘Miracle’: Third Day’s latest release


Well Third Day fans, today is your lucky day! Third Day just released the first in a three part video series taking you behind the scenes of the making of their latest project, Miracle.  Coincidentally, if you went out in my snow covered Indiana driveway right now, that is the CD that would immediately come blasting out of the speakers.  I’m really enjoying the immaculately crafted Miracle, and imagine pretty much everyone else will, too 🙂

In other exciting news, Third Day is set to kick-off the 45 city stop  Miracle tour on February 21st in Virginia.  The tour will feature super awesome guests that include one of my favorites, singer-songwriter Josh Wilson, and Colton Dixon, who is hot off his run on American Idol last season.  This is one of the tours I am most looking forward to this spring, so grab your tickets now as I’m predicting sell-out crowds!  You can find out all the details about the Miracle tour by visiting