Breaking News: Plumb Announces Need You Now Tour!

I am SO excited for this!! Not only is Plumb headed out on tour this fall for the first time in 7 years, she’s taking two of my favorites with her–Josh Wilson AND Mikeschair! Somebody sign me up for tickets now! This is going to be AWESOME 🙂

from Press Release:

PLUMB Announces First Tour in Seven Years
Sponsored by Metro World Child, the Need You Now Tour to Feature
Josh Wilson and Mikeschair as Support

Nashville, TN – Curb Recording artist PLUMB announced today her upcoming “Need You Now” tour, sponsored by Metro World Child. After taking a seven-year hiatus from the road, the tour will kick off in September and will travel to 24 cities throughout the fall. Josh Wilson and Mikeschair will join the tour as support.

Need You Now, the album, has received rave reviews and incredible fan support. The title track received early confirmation from radio, hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard Christian CHR chart for 5 weeks in a row, and (sales chart?) Her new single “One Drop” has been getting early support, debuting this week on the Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR chart at number 23.

Plumb explains, “I am SO excited to officially announce the “Need You Now” tour, which also happens to be my very first headlining tour. I have been off the road for some time now, starting a family…and now is the perfect time to come back. I can’t imagine a better album than Need You Now to make all this happen. It’s an honor to be sharing the stage with two of my favorite artists, Josh Wilson and Mikeschair. Plus, now my kiddos are old enough to work…they can count t-shirts…or something. Ha! See you this fall!”

Metro World Child has signed on as the key sponsor of the tour. For the past 33 years, MWC reaches 100,000 inner city children and their families in New York City and in various urban centers around the globe. As a faith-based humanitarian organization, Metro World Child believes that transformation comes from the inside and is designed to break destructive cycles and give children hope for the future.

Confirmed tour dates include:

9/27 – Charlotte, NC
9/28 – Columbia, SC
9/29 – Macon, GA
10/4 – Brunswick, OH
10/5 – Mount Vernon, OH
10/6 – Holland, MI
10/9 – Vienna, VA
10/11 – Vineland, NJ
10/12 – Burlington, VT
10/13 – York, PA
10/17 – Campbellsville, KY
10/19 – Memphis, TN
10/20 – Ft. Smith, AR
10/25 – Farmington, NM
10/26 – Queen Creek, AZ
10/28 – Perryton, TX

MIKESCHAIR debuts new lyric video for ‘All I Can Do (Thank You)’

The fun bunch known as MIKESCHAIR has a great new song out, and along with it, a brand spanking new lyric video for the song ‘All I Can Do (Thank You)’. It has that great MIKESCHAIR sound about it, while managing to somehow avoid sounding like any of the previous MIKESCHAIR songs. I don’t know how they do that, but I do know that I like this song a lot! I bet you will, too….so enjoy! (And, may I add, if you get the chance go check them out on the Redeemed Tour with Big Daddy Weave and Citizen Way in the near future…by all means, go! I saw MIKESCHAIR back in November and LOVED them, and I saw the Redeemed Tour minus MIKESCHAIR plus Chris August a few weeks ago and I LOVED it, too. Definitely a must see!)

Congrats to K-Love NASCAR #98!

Yesterday (February 14th, 2013) was the Daytona 500, which is sort of like the Superbowl of NASCAR Racing.

Normally, this wouldn’t even register on my radar but I was interested in seeing how the #98 car driven by Michael McDowell would fair in the race, particularly because the car was sporting sponsorship logos of K-LOVE Radio and MIKESCHAIR (two of my favorites!)

Well, I’m happy to report that my watching the race and cheering on the #98 must not have done too much harm yesterday as the team posted a Top Ten finish in the race, zooming in right on the tails of Danica Patrick’s history making run at Daytona. (Normally, me cheering for anything sports related is the kiss of death and that’s no joke!)

In an interview with K-LOVE, McDowell said, ““I know why I’m here. I know I’ve been called to be in this sport, to help disciple the young guys coming up, and share my faith at our events…the racing is just the platform I have.” He went on to say that “Racing with the K-LOVE logo is an answer to my prayers. The K-LOVE relationship coming together is something I have been praying for years,” he said. “I prayed that God would partner me with people who were like minded.”

Congratulation again to McDowell (and K-LOVE) on their winning collaboration on the track! If you would like to read more of McDowell’s interview with K-LOVE where he shares his testimony about he came to know the Lord after being raised in a non-Christian family, click here.


“What we allow affects our minds; the more we filter what comes in, the easier it is to live out in truth.”

~Michael McDowell


Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, MIKESCHAIR posted the following riddle and picture on their social media feeds:

“What goes around and around and around all while sitting down?”  


Any guesses?

Well, later in the day the answer to the riddle was solved in the form of another picture.  Check this out:

mike 2


According to MIKESCHAIR lead singer Mike Grayson on his Twitter, “I grew up watching NASCAR every weekend with my Dad.  I can’t believe the @MIKESCHAIR logo will be on @MC_Driver’s car during the Daytona 500.”

Now, just so you know, I’m not a NASCAR fan; however, everyone else I know and love is, including my Momma and my 6 year old.  Several years ago I did read the Dale Earnhardt Jr book Driver #8 about his rookie season in NASCAR (I only read it because it was the only book I could find at my brother-in-laws house).  From what I recall from reading that literary gem, the Daytona 500 is kind of the Superbowl of auto racing.

In other words, a big deal.

So, congrats to the guys in MIKESCHAIR on being a part of the Daytona 500!  I may have to tune in at 1 pm on Sunday to check out the #98 car in all its MIKESCHAIR glory.

(I wonder what they guys in MIKESCHAIR get if the car wins?  Maybe they could take the car on tour?  Hmmm…)