Brad Dring from Rapture Ruckus to Appear on Today!

The Gong(ed) Show has one of my favorite kiwis (for those of you who don’t know what a kiwi is besides a fruit, it’s a nickname for someone from New Zealand) stopping by on Skype today for a chat at 4:30 pm EST–Brad Dring, lead singer from the rad band Rapture Ruckus!

If you haven’t seen Rapture Ruckus live and in person before, let me state for the record you are really missing out!  They are AWESOME!!  Hopefully you live somewhere near a stop of the Newsboys fall 2013 Restart tour so you can catch them while they are out on the road with the Newsboys, for King & Country, and Moriah Peters in the near future.

This afternoon, Brad will most likely be talking “In Crowd” with Faup and the gang on the show, especially since it is release day for the fabulous In Crowd video!  Of course, I’m not just saying that because I ponied up $$$ to support the funding of this deserving project…but I will say that I am VERY pleased with the end results.  You gotta love any music video that features Soul Glow Activatur from Family Force Five as a school bus driver!

You can check out the In Crowd video below, and check back tomorrow for video of the full Skype session with Brad right here on Spin: the Blog!


Coming Soon to RemedyLive!!

We just added a new guest to our Skype-a-thon line-up this morning–Beckah Shae!

Beckah Shae will be appearing on the Gong(ed) Show on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 3:45 pm EST to chat with our hosts.  Beckah is an incredibly talented (and award winning!) singer, activist and philanthropist who will pop by to talk about her latest projects, the currently available single on iTunes, “Turbo Style”, which encourages listeners to ‘take the limits off’ (I LOVE THAT!) and the 2011 song, “Put Your Love Glasses On”.  Beckah has said of this song, “To see yourself the way God sees you is the beginning of freedom.”  (I LOVE THAT TOO!)

Here’s a fun Beckah Shae song to get you up and dancing (and excited!) for her upcoming appearance on the Gong(ed) Show…it’s a fun little song she did with Mr. tobyMac called Funky Jesus Music!

In other news…if you are an Oswald Brothers Band fan…keep a close watch on Spin: the Blog because I have a BIG announcement to make about OBB and the Gong(ed) Show! Coming soon!

I’m Ba-ack! And Some Great News!

I bet y’all thought I’d fell off the face of the earth of something, right?  It’s been awhile (okay, 19 days!) since I’ve posted here on Spin: the Blog, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who took time to e-mail and Facebook and Twitter me sweet messages asking if I was okay.

The truth is, I wasn’t feeling very well for for a week or two and had to have some surgery.

In the grand scheme of things, no big deal, not really, and I’m doing much, much better now (and I’m ready to take on the world!)  So thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers, they mean the world to me and I am 100% certain that they made all the difference in how quickly I recovered.

With this being said, I have some good news and some some, well, I won’t say bad news, but more like unfortunate news to share with you.

Let’s start with the unfortunate news.

While I was laid up on my couch for 2 weeks, I missed writing reviews on what was some of the very best new releases in Christian music in 2013.  Yes, you read that right, and yes, I am completely bummed.  I’ve been mulling over some ways to rectify this situation, and while I haven’t completely come up with a totally rad solution yet, I have a couple of ideas that have potential.

Make no mistake about it–I fully intend to keep you informed on all the latest and greatest in the world of Christian music!

Now, for the super-exciting good news!  Hold on to your hats, my friends, because this is a BIG announcement!

Spin: the Blog’s Beth Stauffer (that’s ME!) is super pumped to be partnering with as their first ever Artist Liaison!  What that means is, I will be the “talent guru” so-to-speak, looking for awesome artists with great music and compelling personal stories to Skype in to RemedyLive’s GONG Show and chat with the show hosts.  Of course, as the Artist Liaison, I will get the first crack at the artists, doing  preliminary interviews and writing about them here on Spin.  RemedyLive will then share the live web content with me to post here on Spin, so you can enjoy the live interviews with the artists as well–how FUN will that be?!

If you don’t know much about, please feel free to head over to their website to learn more about their ministry to 12-25 year olds.  RemedyLive’s motto is, “We chat.  We listen.  We love.” and I LOVE that about them!  I also love that they help young adults work through a lot of tough issues including faith, depression, self-harm, suicide, abuse, pornography, sexual identity, and eating disorders by using modern Christian music and interviews with artists to connect with them.

I am so excited about this new venture between Spin: the Blog and, and I hope you will partner with me in my excitement over what amazing things God has in store for the future!

Of course, if you are one of my much-loved readers here on Spin and are struggling with any of the above mentioned issues, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there IS hope to be found in Jesus Christ.  I know this to be true, because I was once in the very same place you now find yourself; in fact, I have, at one time or another, fought intense battles with 6 of the 8 issues that RemedyLive helps young adults overcome.  I would like to encourage you to visit if you are need of someone to talk to by chatting anonymously with a Soul Medic today.  If you have a prayer request, I’d love to hear from you, too–drop me a line at anytime!

Coming up on, you can catch Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus at 4:30 pm EST on the GONG Show talking about the band’s new song, ‘IN CROWD’ and fall plans to tour with the Newsboys and For King & Country on September 17th; on September 19th at 4:30 pm EST, crazy talented rapper K-Drama will Skype in to the show.  K-Drama has produced for such iconic artists as Lecrae, Tedashii and Flame and been featured vocally on songs with Sho Baraka, R-Swift and more than 100 artists all over the world.  K-Drama has a compelling personal story to share, and this will be one interview you won’t want to miss!