Everfound on Huckabee!

If you missed Everfound’s appearance on Huckabee last week, you can still check it out by clicking it here:  http://video.foxnews.com/v/2600687987001/huckabee-rocks-with-the-four-brothers-of-everfound/


Now, if you haven’t had a chance to see Everfound live and in person yet…then you are in for a treat!  While they seemed to be a little bit toned back for TV (actually, I think Huckabee was slowing them down.  Ha!), they are still pretty spectacular.  They jammed to the newest single called “God of the Impossible” off of their recently released self-titled debut album (for the record, I think I may have cheered loud enough to be heard at Fox News Studios in New York when I learned this was the next single.  I love this song!!)

Everfound’s jam on Huckabee came just days before it was announced that they are set to take part in the Winter Jam 2013 West Coast Tour along with the likes of the Newsboys, Crowder Music, Passion Band featuring Kristian Stanfill, Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Krutch, Plumb, NewSong, Building 429, Love and the Outcome, and Dara Maclean.

Yeah, and to think that I thought the 2013 East Coast Winter Jam Tour line-up was impressive.  This pretty much blows that theory to high heaven.

I’m officially moving to the West Coast.  Goodbye, Indiana, hello, somewhere-as-yet-to-be-decided-where-the-2013-West-Coast-Winter-Jam-Tour-will-be-stopping-this-fall.  (I’m open to suggestions.  If you have one, drop me a line at Beth@BethStauffer.com)


2013 Juno Award Nominees for Christian/Gospel Album of the Year

I have something totally embarrassing to admit as a precursor to this blog.

Why the heck didn’t I know Justin Bieber is Canadian?

I guess the saying “You learn something new every day” is true.

Anyways, as I was doing some research on the Juno Awards and nominees for 2013, I came upon this startling revelation about Justin Bieber.  Truth be told, I actually kind of like him more now that I know he’s Canadian.  (I like Canada, and Canadians, a lot.  It’s a long and somewhat boring story so I won’t bother you with it here.) 

I’m also way more confused than ever after reading the list of Juno Award nominees.  First, I discovered that to be nominated in most categories for a Juno, you have to actually be Canadian.  That’s kind of neat…I guess.  (Another shocker:  both Carly Rae Jepsen and Nickelback are Canadian.  In the case of Nickelback, I guess this goes to show that even a fantastic place like Canada can produce  a dud every now and again.)  I also learned that one of the nomination categories is for something called a ‘Francophone Album of the Year’, which even after Googling what that would be left me more confused than I was to begin with.  (A not so shocking fact:  Celine Dion is Canadian.  I think she was nominated in every category except for “Best Aboriginal Recording”, which leads me to more questions…what is an aboriginal recording anyway, and aren’t aboriginal people technically from Australia?  So how can they be nominated for a Juno if they aren’t Canadian?  I’m super confused.  My uncultured American-ness is showing, I guess.)

So, since I am way confused about many things related to the Juno Awards, I will stick to what I know best:  Christian/Gospel music.  With that in mind, a big huge congratulations to the nominees for Christian/Gospel Album of the Year:  Colin Bernard for ‘Hold On’, Manafest for ‘Fighter’, Newworldson for ‘Rebel Transmission’,  The City Harmonic for ‘I Have a Dream (Feels Like Home)’, and Thousand Foot Krutch for ‘The End is Where We Begin’.

Seriously , with the exception of Colin Bernard who I do not know much about, this is a tight group of nominees.  Of course, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know that The City Harmonic are my boys.  I love them!  I also am a fan of Thousand Foot Krutch and Newworldson, and just recently was introduced to the music and story of Manafest, who I’ve written about on the blog.  He’s really big both in Canada and internationally.

I seriously would not want to be the Canadians in charge of picking the winners in this category!

In case you aren’t familiar with any of these uber talented Canadians, check out the YouTube footage below and see who you think will win the Juno for this category.  (Personally, I think they are already all winners just because they are Canadian!)

(FYI–some of these videos may be from prior projects…I’m just picking my favorites, people!)

Colin Bernard:  Hold On

Manafest, “Fighter”

Newworldson, Rebel Transmission

The City Harmonic, I Have a Dream (It Feels Like Home)

Thousand Foot Krutch, War of Change