IMPORTANT! Artist and/or Label Submissions

We love Christian music here on the Spin: the Blog!  In fact, we love it so much it’s pretty much all we do here 🙂  If you are a new artist, or maybe even an old artist (or artist representative) we haven’t made friends with yet, we’d love to hear from you!  If Beth likes what she hears, you might be featured in an upcoming Spin: the Blog post!

Please consider the following guidelines when deciding whether or not to submit music to Spin: the Blog for consideration~

  • First, this is a Christian music blog.  This being said, we love Christian music of all kinds, from mainstream CCM to hip-hop/rap, country/folk, hard rock to worship music and everything in between.  We especially love new artists and independent artists!
  • Second, submitting work to Spin: the Blog does not guarantee that it will be selected for a feature.  Spin: the Blog is unlike most other music blogs in that it skips the boring track by track opinion oriented reviews of albums and instead seeks to delve into the heart of what makes the music special.  This requires a special connection between Beth and the music.  This doesn’t always follow a set time schedule, but we think you’ll agree that the end product creates a stunning, lasting testament to the music that won’t soon be forgotten.
  • Use the contact form below to submit your information, and allow at least 60 days before contacting our staff with follow-up questions.  Beth always e-mails everyone who submits work to the Spin: the Blog within this time frame, so if you haven’t heard from her within 60 days please e-mail our front office staff at

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