NEW Stellar Kart Music Video!!!

So, July has pretty much been the worst month EVER for me. I’m happy to see it make way for August if I’m being completely honest; however, if I have one GOOD thing to say about July, it is this–it ended on a high note today with the release of a BRAND NEW STELLAR KART MUSIC VIDEO!!!

Yeah, you know how much I LOVE Stellar Kart (and I apologize for using all caps so frequently in this post! I haven’t had much to be excited about lately so I guess I’m over compensating!)

Anyhow, the new song sounds AWESOME (oops, there I go again!) and definitely made it worth the wait for new music from Stellar Kart.

Well, maybe not. Personally, I could have new music from Stellar Kart every day and be happy about it, but I understand that making music this exceptionally good is a process that takes time. So, go and savor the new music video over and YouTube and count down the days with me until August 27th when the first new full length CD from the band in 3 years hits the shelves!