American Idol News…

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Angela Miller on the current season of American Idol.  Last week, she sang a song I totally love, Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life”, and I really liked her rendition of it.  It was so good, in fact, that my friends are still talking about it almost a week later!  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out below:

Even all the judges agreed that they liked it, which is no small feat this year. Mariah Carey said, and I quote, “I really appreciated this song.” Of course, this makes me wonder–what the heck does that mean, exactly? She says this all the time on the show, and it confuses me because it doesn’t really mean anything. I mean, I appreciate a lot of things like Post-It notes when I’m answering the phone and Starbucks Iced Tea when I’m thirsty, but if I was a judge on American Idol I might come up with something a little more helpful than “I really appreciated this song.” But, she is Mariah Carey and I love her…so, who really cares?

My final comment about American Idol is I was sad to see Burnell Taylor go. Burnell was by far my favorite male contestant, as I loved his soulful voice and super sweet smile. I will admit, his rendition of Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ left a lot to be desired. I’m of the school of thought that if you are going to sing either a Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi cover, you’d best nail it because no one will forgive you otherwise. Even with this being said, Burnell’s elimination has left me somewhat perplexed by how Lazaro Arbos is the sole remaining guy on the program. The only thing I can figure is American Idol has another Sanjaya Malakar on its hands.

Never saw that coming, that’s for sure.

Angela Miller Sings ‘You Set Me Free’ on American Idol

American Idol Contestant Sings a Powerful Song About Jesus on National Television from theremix on GodTube.

Above, you will find the video for the superbly talented American Idol contestant, Angela Miller. This was the original song she sang during Hollywood Week that catapulted her into the Top 20 Ladies for American Idol Season 12. I had chills listening to her sing this, and I knew without a doubt Who she was singing about.

I’m not the only one who was moved by her performance…on this week’s episode of American Idol, all the judges wanted to talk to her about was her performance last week. She could have sang the Alphabet Song last night and the judges still would have put her thru to the next round.

I’m praying that she will continue to do well in the competition and prove my BFF Sarah wrong. (I think Sarah would LOVE to be proven wrong in Angela’s case!) Sarah theorizes that proclaiming your Christian faith on American Idol is the kiss of death in the competition. (Case in points: Mandisa and Colton Dixon.)

Good luck, Angela! We’re rooting for you!