Win a Capital Kings/Colton Dixon Prize Pack!

I know there are a lot of Capital Kings and Colton Dixon fans out there who also read Spin: the Blog.

What can I say, Capital Kings, Colton Dixon and I have a lot of really awesome fans in common!  (We do!)

So, for Totally Trivia Tuesday today, I have a question that IF you know the answer it’s gonna snag you a grand prize package that includes (drum roll please…) an 8×10 Capital Kings autographed poster, an autographed copy of their self-titled debut full length album on Gotee Records, a Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ dog tag style necklace, an autographed Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ CD, an official Colton Dixon ‘Messenger’ poster, and a life size cardboard Colton Dixon stand-up figure (a perfect decorating accent to any home if I do say so myself!)

The trivia question this week is going to be a little bit more difficult than usual because the ante is HIGH when we’re giving away a cardboard life size Colton Dixon replica.  First, I will give you the question, and then I will give you two clues.

Also, please be aware if you are a close friend, employee, or relative of Beth Stauffer you are ineligible to attempt to win this prize.  (Yes Sarah, I’m talking about you.)

Here is this week’s Totally Trivia Tuesday question:  I (Beth) have one word tattooed on the inside of my left wrist along with a single symbol that I designed myself.  When I am at appearances and events, I am frequently asked for the pattern because everyone likes it so much.  What is the word and symbol?

Here is your 1st clue:  The word comes from a lyric in one of my favorite Sanctus Real songs, ‘The Redeemer’.  I (Beth) am frequently told I am a dreamer, which is totally true, but I consider it no greater compliment than to be called this other word, which is also mentioned in the song.

Here is your 2nd clue:  My (Beth) favorite hard rocking band, who I can’t name by name or it will totally give it away, has a single currently out simply titled with this word but it is also the title of the band’s most recently released album from 2012.  When I shared a pic of the tattoo with the band, they loved it so much they shared the picture on their website and social media feeds!

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me at!  The first correct answer wins 🙂


And the Everfound CD Winners Are…

Woo-hoo!  I have winners to announce from my Everfound debut release CD bonanza giveaway I announced yesterday!  Hurray!  And the winners are….

1.  From Albuquerque, New Mexico….Darlene K.

2.  From Crawfordsville, Indiana…Hunter S.

3.  From Chicago, Illinois…Misty L.

4.  From Lexington, Kentucky…Carol H.

5.  From Sioux City, Iowa…Vanessa B.

These lucky winners answered the following question correctly–What is the only other band/artist that Beth has have ever offered a “Buy Back Guarantee” on that is also an award-winning Word Entertainment label mate of Everfound’s?  Which CD release from which one of Beth’s favorite bands/artists was it?

A few of the incorrect answers we received in spades–Matthew West: ‘Into the Light’, Kutless: Believer, Mandisa: Stronger, Sanctus Real: Run, Josh Wilson: Carry Me, and Plumb: Need You Now.  All good guesses, except for one thing.  None of these artists are Word Entertainment artist label mates of Everfounds!  That was a BIG clue, people 🙂

If you guessed any of these artists, you were a lot closer to being right:  Jason Castro’s ‘Only a Mountain’, Chris August’s ‘The Upside of Down’, for King & Country’s ‘Crave’ or Big Daddy Weave’s ‘Love Come to Life’ CDs you were very close.

If you answered the Sidewalk Prophets ‘Live Like That’ release from 2012, you nailed it.  While I’ve given away quite literally at least 50 of these CDs, and had probably another 25 “borrowed” (and never returned), I’ve never had anyone ask for me to buy ‘Live Like That’ back.

In fact, just tonight my neighbor was belting out ‘Wrecking Ball’ as he mowed the lawn compliments of one of my previous CD giveaways.  Unfortunately, it sounded atrocious (and I hope none of my other neighbors are ever able to trace his vocal stylings back to me or else I’ll ever hear the end of it) but I’m sure it sounds beautiful just the same in God’s ears.

So, my lovely winners Darlene, Hunter, Misty, Carol, and Vanessa are all receiving brand spanking new copies of Everfound’s debut release AND autographed copies of the Sidewalk Prophets Live Like That CD from my personal stash, with one stipulation—if they are gonna mow the lawn while singing any one of the tunes from either of these great CDs, they better be singing it loud and proud!

Congratulations winners, and, if you didn’t win and are a Colton Dixon/Capital Kings fan sit tight because I am about to post another giveaway trivia question here on Spin: the Blog in about 10 seconds!!

Winter Jam 2013: Capital Kings Review

So, first up to be reviewed (going in order of appearance during Winter Jam 2013) is the duo Capital Kings.  Prior to Winter Jam, I had never seen Capital Kings perform, although I did have an advance copy of their freshly released, self-titled debut, Capital Kings (and I liked it!  I really did!)  I did, however, have some reservations about how their blend of electro-pop infused music would translate to the stage.

To make a long story short, I should have figured with special guests on a debut album like Britt Nicole, Soul Glow Activatur (from Family Force 5), and that one guy known as TobyMac, Capital Kings would totally rock it.

For me, they were probably the biggest surprise of the night.  I thought that Cole Walowac and Jonathan White, also known as the Capital Kings, had a lot of fun, upbeat energy and a relatable, edgy-urban look that exudes confidence.  When you combine that with their uplifting lyrics and beats that make a person want to get up a dance, I believe you have a winning recipe!

Way to get the party started, Capital Kings!  I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.

I Officially Declare Next Sunday…Winter Jam!

Winter Jam

So if you live in the currently cold and dreary Fort Wayne, Indiana or surrounding area, I bet I know what you are thinking about today 🙂

Winter Jam is less than 1 week away!!

Personally, I think Winter Jam day in Fort Wayne should be declared an official holiday (as well as the day after Winter Jam, because really, who wants to go to work after having that much fun the night before?  It could be dangerous to a person’s health…well, it could!)

I know out of the 365 days in a calendar year, the days I look forward to the most are as follows:

  1. Christmas
  2. Easter
  3. Winter Jam

As you might imagine, I’m starting to get pretty excited right about now.  Also making me super-duper excited this year for Winter Jam is the sweet line-up, which includes not just one of my favorites, not two, not even three, but four of my very favorite performers from 2013.  (For those of you wondering, I’m talking about the Sidewalk Prophets, Mr. TobyMac, Matthew West, and Royal Tailor.)

Since I’ll probably be twiddling most of my week away daydreaming about the upcoming Winter Jam, I have decided that I might as well do something productive with my time and write a countdown this week of the songs/performances I am most looking forward to next Sunday at Winter Jam at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

Which song/performers will come out on top as my #1 pick?  Will it be Matthew West?  The Sidewalk Prophets?  Or perhaps the master showman himself, Mr. TobyMac?

Yeah, I’m not telling.  You’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

In the meantime, however, you’ll be able to enjoy some fun snippets from me about my favorite songs.  I’ll also share the tunes on Spotify and the official videos via YouTube.  You can also take a minute and vote for your favorite song/performers at Winter Jam !

Enjoy…and if you’re in Fort Wayne, I’ll see you next Sunday!