Have You Seen This?!

tobyMac’s got the intro to the 2013 ACC Basketball Tournament covered!

Let me just say this for the record (again):  tobyMac.  Superbowl.  Half-Time Show.  2014.

Anybody have Roger Goodell’s number?  Or maybe the Ops Manager at MetLife Stadium?

You know, just trying to plan ahead!

Throwback Thursday: Jesus Freak!

I’ve been trying to come up with something fun & new to do on a weekly basis here on Spin: the Blog. I came up with a couple of really bad ideas before I finally came up with one that I sorta like: Throwback Thursday.

Since I’m no longer young but not really old, and I grew up during what I like to think of as the Golden Age of Christian Music, I think I’m uniquely qualified to write a weekly blog to jettison my faithfully devoted readers back to the glory days when DC Talk, the Newsboys (circa Peter Furler), Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline ruled my CD player.

For my inaugural Throwback Thursday post, I’ve carefully selected one of my all-time favorite songs, DC Talk’s Jesus Freak. It was a tough decision, but someone had to make it.

Let me break down a couple of the deciding factors in my final choice:

#1–Michael Tait’s hair in the video–that was one seriously rockin’ braided ponytail! What would you really even call a hairstyle like that? I have no idea. It’s totally awesome, though. I think he should consider revisiting that style for sure!

#2–Is it just me, or does Kevin Max look kind of like Jane Lynch at certain points in the video? Like, at the end in the blue shirt? Am I crazy? No, I don’t think so.

#3–tobyMac without a hat, sporting actual hair. To prove my point, Google ‘tobyMac.’ Click on images. Exactly. The man likes his hats.

So, here it is…my Inaugural Throwback Thursday choice….plus, keep scrolling because I’m also going to post videos from all three founding members of DC Talk’s current projects, just because I can. 🙂

Michael Tait and the Newsboys (circa the Michael Tait era, minus the rad hairdo):

Kevin Max with Audio Adrenaline…still not sure I’m totally sold on audioA without Mark Stuart, but I’m actively working on it. It helps a little that I like this video!

Last but not least, Mr. tobyMac. I’m sort of a big fan…(and that, folks, is the understatement of the century!)

2013 Grammy Winners!

February 10th, 2013 was a big night at the Grammy’s for Christian Music!  Here’s a quick run down of the winners:

Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance–Matt Redman. Such a well-deserved win! I also love Matt Redman’s response to his win on Twitter. He said, “We wrote this song for the glory of God, so He gets all the glory today, too.” Beautiful!

The category for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song of the year was a tough one. So many great songs to choose from in this category! Nominees included 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin, Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Mark Hall and Matthew West, Your Presence is Heaven by Israel Houghton and Michah Massey, When Mercy Found Me by Jeff Pardo and Rhett Walker, and White Flag by Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, Matt Redman, and Chris Tomlin. (Side note: I wonder how Matt Redman must have felt to be competing against himself for this category? That’s awesome!) I have to admit, I was kind of pulling for my home boy Rhett Walker’s When Mercy Found Me, but the award was given jointly to 10,000 Reasons and Your Presence is Heaven. Both are truly great songs, and very well deserved wins for the songwriters. If you aren’t familiar with Your Presence is Heaven (To Me), check out the lyric video below on YouTube:

The winner for Best Gospel Album this year was Gravity by Lecrae. If I’m being very candid, of all the well deserved awards given out last night this one is probably tops. I’m not typically a big fan of rap music, but for a solid couple of months last summer I was completely hooked on Gravity. Couldn’t get enough of it! Lecrae is an amazing man of God, and you can check out his inspiring testimony below:

Another tough category at the Grammy’s was the Best Contemporary Christian Album. Nominated for the award was Eye On It by tobyMac, Come to the Well by the Casting Crowns, Where I Find You by Kari Jobe, Gold by Britt Nicole, and Into the Light by Matthew West. All of the nominees in this category had stellar projects and stellar years last year, but my one of my own favorites, tobyMac, walked away the big winner. Congratulations to Mr. Mac on the win and to the nominees! (As Matthew West said on Twitter, “I’m getting pretty good at saying ‘It’s just an honor to be nominated.’ Ha! Congrats to @therealtobymac on a well-deserved Grammy!”) You can check out tobyMac’s video for Eye On It featuring fellow nominee Britt Nicole below:

‘Steal My Show’ Lyric Video–tobyMac

TobyMac – Steal My Show (Official Lyric Video) from tobymac on GodTube.

Headed out to Winter Jam? Gearing up for the WFRN Friend Fest in June? Well, you might want to learn the words to tobyMac’s latest single off of the ‘Eye On It’ extravaganza…’Steal My Show’! It’s one of my favorites for sure. Check it out above! (And, if you like the song, be sure to check out the story behind the song below!)

tobyMac Releases Eye On It Video featuring Britt Nicole


It’s a darn good day for Christian Music today (well, except for the Sidewalk Prophet’s bus, Bubba, breaking down in Alabama I guess).  Jason Castro’s new CD, Only a Mountain, releases today, I heard the Rhett Walker Band’s great new single, Come to the River, on the radio twice this morning, Hawk Nelson just released a new single, and Mr. tobyMac himself just released a brand-spanking new video featuring Britt Nicole for Eye On It.

As you might imagine, the video is pretty sweet, and so I thought I would share it with you (and, I’ll try not to mention the fact that I got to see Mr. Mac perform that song about a month ago, and I’ll get to see him perform it again on Sunday night…oh wait, never mind.  I just can’t help myself!)

Tuesday Tunes Playlist: Toby Mac’s Me Without You

TobyMac – Me Without You

The other day, I was making dinner in the kitchen and I heard music start blaring from the family room.  Curious about what was going on, I left my skillet unsupervised for a moment to peek around the corner to see just what exactly my 6 year old son, Alex, was up to.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him dancing and singing his little heart out on top of the pool table as he balanced my iPad on his shoulder listening to Toby Mac’s song, ‘Me Without You’.

“Alex,” I said, “what in the world are you doing?”

“Having fun singing about Jesus,” he replied nonchalantly.

I think he assumed he was in trouble.

Just so you know, no one ever gets in trouble at my house for having fun while singing about Jesus.

Then, it was Alex’s turn to be surprised as I climbed up on the pool table with him to sing and dance along to ‘Me Without You.’  We had a blast!  Since no one plays pool at our house, I think we may end up turning the pool table into the official Stauffer family dance floor.  All we need now is a wireless microphone, some stage lights and maybe a fog machine….

So, that is the story of how I came to select this week’s addition to the Tuesday Tunes playlist.  I’ve added the official lyric video over to my board on Pinterest, and you can view it by clicking here.

While we are on the subject of Toby Mac and in a roundabout way, his most recent project ‘Eye On It’, I would like to encourage you to hop over to iTunes and get this album like, right now.

I feel sort of compelled to say this because the other day I read a review on a Christian music site that said, and I quote, “Eye on It is Toby Mac’s worst project ever.”  Seriously?  There are times when I wonder who writes some of this stuff, and no question about it, this was one of those times.

In my opinon, calling Eye On It Toby Mac’s worst project ever would be like going to Italy to look at the masterpieces of Michelangelo only to say that his paintings in the Sistine Chapel were his worst works ever because you like his sculptures better than his paintings.  Even on his worst day, Toby Mac’s music is a far cry better than a lot of other artists on their best day.

I promise you will not be disappointed with this one, contrary to what some other reviewers may be saying.  ‘Eye On It’ is fun, it’s upbeat, it’s enjoyable from the beginning to the end.  Apparently, that’s not something that real critics like so it’s a good thing I’m not a real critic, just a Mom who enjoys dancing and singing on pool tables with her six year old.