Dancing in the Aisles to Hawk Nelson’s Words

I have breaking news to share.
My 6 year old, die-hard for King & Country fan of a son, Alex, has taken a strong liking to another band:  Hawk Nelson.  (I’m not 100% sure that he doesn’t realize that the band is not entirely comprised of actual hawks, and I’m okay with that.  Really, I am.)

On Saturday, we were at Target doing some shopping and out of nowhere, Alex breaks out into song and dance in the aisles:  “Words can build you up, words can break you down, put a fire in your heart or put it out…”

Considering how hard I’ve been trying to teach Alex that he can’t just say everything that pops into his kindergarten head, this song couldn’t be more timely. 

(Cases in point:  over the weekend, Alex said to a portly fellow that he had struck up a conversation with, “I’d invite you to go fishing with me and my Grandpa, but I’m afraid that you’re so fat you’d sink the boat.”  He also said to his Grandma on Friday, “Wow, Grandma, you look different!  I think it’s your moustache!  Are you going to grow a beard, too, like Grandpa?”)

Yes, that’s my son, and no, tact is not his strong suite.

Truthfully, I think we all have, at times, what I like to call Alex Syndrome.  We say things we shouldn’t, even if we don’t mean to offend or have malicious intent.  We frequently don’t say the things we should.  Most of all, we don’t use our words to bring glory to the One who gave us the ability to speak, and that’s a real shame.

Alex and I have been listening to the song “Words” pretty much non-stop since Saturday (per his request!)  Maybe you need to hear those words today, too 🙂