As many of you may have guessed, I currently have an obsession with the group Family Force 5.

It makes no sense to me, other than the fact that their music and music videos are a whole lotta fun.  (Also, their live shows are epic.  If you don’t believe me, go check them out on the Rock & Worship Roadshow when it stops by a town near you this winter/spring.)

I am especially obsessed with the song “Cray Button” featuring Lecrae, which I have previously featured here on the Spin: the Blog during my “YAWN!  This Super Bowl is Boring” video series back in January.

My other FF5 song obsession at the moment is the song “Wobble”.

Now, I personally cannot Wobble, at least not on purpose.  I suppose I’ve been known to inadvertently Wobble a time or two because I’m amusingly lacking in the coordination and grace department; yet, I love this song anyway.   Since it recently passed over a 1,000,000 views on YouTube, I thought I would share it this morning to get the party started right.

While the Harlem Shake may be the dance craze of the moment, just remember that the Wobble came first, which sort of makes it the Granddaddy of the Harlem Shake.



Harlem Shake (Winter Jam Edition)

The lovely folks over at Winter Jam recently shared the following video of the tour’s 2013 bands and staff doing the Harlem Shake.  Since I am currently obsessed with the Harlem Shake and thought this particular video was pretty hilarious (and I’ve watched A LOT of Harlem Shake videos on YouTube lately, which I probably shouldn’t admit but oh well…) I thought I would share here with you.

My only critique of the video is that it looks like the Winter Jammers are having so much fun on tour that it may in fact be illegal in some parts of the country; hence, the reason why they are selling out show after show all over the country.  Love it!  (And if you have the chance to go check out Winter Jam 2013, go and get there early so you don’t become a Winter Jam Reject 🙂 )