Winter Jam 2013: Capital Kings Review

So, first up to be reviewed (going in order of appearance during Winter Jam 2013) is the duo Capital Kings.  Prior to Winter Jam, I had never seen Capital Kings perform, although I did have an advance copy of their freshly released, self-titled debut, Capital Kings (and I liked it!  I really did!)  I did, however, have some reservations about how their blend of electro-pop infused music would translate to the stage.

To make a long story short, I should have figured with special guests on a debut album like Britt Nicole, Soul Glow Activatur (from Family Force 5), and that one guy known as TobyMac, Capital Kings would totally rock it.

For me, they were probably the biggest surprise of the night.  I thought that Cole Walowac and Jonathan White, also known as the Capital Kings, had a lot of fun, upbeat energy and a relatable, edgy-urban look that exudes confidence.  When you combine that with their uplifting lyrics and beats that make a person want to get up a dance, I believe you have a winning recipe!

Way to get the party started, Capital Kings!  I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.