Scott Stapp (former Creed frontman) to Release New Album

Okay, it’s time for some complete honesty from me.

I used to love watching those VH-1 Behind the Music specials on, well, VH-1.  One of my favorite episodes of all time was the one about Scott Stapp and Creed.  For sure, it was one of the more compelling episodes ever produced by VH-1.  I think I must have watched that episode at least 20 times.  Oh, and at the end of the episode when Stapp talks about the song ‘Arms Wide Open’ and brings his little boy out on stage and sings with him…oh, that always made me cry.  Epic television, for sure.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me around to my point via VH-1.

Don’t you have to be dead to qualify for a Behind the Music special?

Perhaps this is why I thought the former frontman had passed on to the great choir of angels in the sky.

Or, perhaps worse (at least in my own mind), he had joined Nickelback or something (ha!)

So, I took it as really, really good news today when I received the news that not only is Mr. Stapp alive and well, he’s actually set to launch his second solo album, entitled Proof of Life,  this November.


For all the details on Stapp’s upcoming album, keep reading below!

Scott Stapp

NEW YORK, NY (SEPTEMBER 24, 2013) – Grammy-Award winning artist Scott Stapp releases the deeply personal Proof of Life on Wind-up Records, November 5, 2013Proof of Life was produced by Howard Benson and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge and is Stapp’s second solo album; his first was 2005’s certified platinum, The Great Divide.  On October 8, 2013 the reflective “Slow Suicide” will go to radio, be available digitally and several pre-order options will also be offered on Stapp’s website.


Proof of Life is Stapp’s first new material since the release of his 2012 uncensored memoir, Sinner’s Creed, in which Stapp shared his life story for the first time—from his fundamentalist upbringing, the rise of Creed, and his ongoing battle with addiction, the rediscovery of his faith and the launch of his solo career.  The gripping memoir is “proof” positive for Stapp that a higher power is always present, despite the colossal messes we sometimes make of our lives.  Proof of Life is an 11-track collection of songs that chronicles the extension of his journey.


“This is the most meaningful record of my career,” says Stapp. “I’ve made a lot of messes in my life, but I’ve learned I can take a mess and turn it into a message. This album chronicles my struggles, my journey and it’s the most honest record I have ever written.  The fans have always meant everything to me and over the years they’ve come to me and told me how through my music they’ve gotten through the worst of times, and that hit me.  With this album, it’s the first time that when I listened back to the tracks, it became a cathartic experience for me.” 


The new songs reflect the maturity and wisdom of an artist that has sold nearly 30 million albums with Creed, had three Grammy nominations and one win for Best Rock Song with “With Arms Wide Open,” and 11 #1 Singles with “My Own Prison,” “Torn,” “What’s This Life For,” “One,” “Higher,” “What If,” “Are You Ready,” “With Arms Wide Open,” “My Sacrifice,” “One Last Breath” and “Overcome.”  Creed put out six albums – My Own Prison (1997) 6x Platinum, Human Clay (1999) 11+ million (Diamond), Weathered (2001) 6x Platinum, Greatest Hits (2004) 2x Platinum and Full Circle (2009) Certified Gold.


Proof of Life Track Listing:

1. Slow Suicide                                              

2. Who I Am                                                              

3. Proof of Life                                                                      

4. New Day Coming                                                              

5. Only One                                                               

6. Break Out                                                              

7. Hit Me More                                                                      

8. Jesus Was A RockStar                                                                   

9. What Would Love Do                                                       

10. Crash                                                        

11. Dying To Live      


For more information on Scott Stapp and Proof of Life, go to Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.