Why Alex Won’t Go To Bed; And Once Again, for King & Country is Kind of To Blame

Alex viewing his video from Joel & Luke of for King & Country for the first time

Crave–for King & Country

I have eluded many times in the past that my son may in fact be one of the biggest little for King & Country fans on the planet.

For sure, he is the biggest little for King & Country fan in Indiana and most likely the entire midwestern region.  His fandom was no doubt cemented last week when I received a very special little video mail for Alex from the for King & Country guys, Joel and Luke, that their very kind publicist, Sarah, made for him after reading my blog.  (To view the video that sent Alex into giddy spasms of joy, click here.)

Of course, Joel & Luke’s tidbit of video advice happened to coincide with an epic implosion of my iPhone and dinosaur desktop computer the other day that I store all of my purchased music on.  When I connected my iPhone to my computer, everything, and I mean everything, crashed and burned.  Bye bye, for King & Country and every other CD I’ve imported to my iTunes collection.

At first, I didn’t realize exactly how dire this situation was until Alex’s bedtime rolled around.

Precisely at 8:30 pm, Alex appeared next to my chair in the front room, freshly bathed and in his pajamas with his hand extended. Without thinking, I handed over my iPhone, knowing that was what he wanted…his bedtime music.  He gave me a hug and kiss and I heard his footsteps as they padded down the hallway towards his bedroom and up the ladder into his fire truck bunk bed.

Moments later, I heard what I can only describe as a shriek from Alex’s bedroom. “Mo-om!!!! I can’t find for King & Country on here!”

Uh oh.

I got up from my chair and made my way to Alex’s room.  He was perched on the edge of his bed, his gangly six-year-old boy legs hanging over the edge as he frantically poked and swiped at my iPhone in desperation.

“Sweetheart, remember Mommy’s computer and phone crashed?  I’m going to have to find the for King & Country CD and re-import it on my laptop before I can put it back on my phone.  It’s probably going to take a few days,” I said slowly, calmly, like I was trying to talk down a jumper off of a ledge.

Let me tell you, at the moment Alex looked like a jumper on a ledge.

“WHAT?!?”  Alex retorted with vehemence.  “Tell me, Mom,  how I am supposed to get any sleep around here?  You know I have to listen to for King & Country to help me relax!”

Keep in mind, my son is 6.  Apparently, when you’re 6 years old and your mother still pretty much does everything for you, relaxation is hard to come by.

“Well, you could listen to Owl City.  You like Owl City!”  I suggest.

“Not at bedtime, Mom.  Owls freak me out at night.”

“You do realize that owls aren’t really in Owl City, right?” I ask.

Alex just glares at me.

“Okay, what about Toby Mac?  You love ‘Me Without You’!”  I’m thinking this is a good suggestion.  He really does like Toby Mac.

“Do you want me to go to sleep or do you want me to dance, Mom?  You decide.”

I begin to think Alex may have a career as a lawyer when he grows up.

“Alright, what about the Sidewalk Prophets?  Remember how much you used to love ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’?  I could even go get your autographed t-shirt to wear!”

Alex looked at me like I was some kind of deranged lunatic.  “Mom, that’s so lame.  I was, like, 5 then.  I want for King & Country!”

I sighed and sat down on the little wooden desk chair in Alex’s room.  I felt like I was negotiating with a terrorist, and as such, I felt compelled not to give in to his demands even though in the back of my mind I knew for King & Country’s album “Crave” was just a click away on iTunes for $7.99.

From across the room, my eyes met Alex’s and we were engaged in a fierce stare down to see who would look away first.

I was just about to win when Alex said with his big, baby blue eyes that I adore more than anything in the whole wide world, “Momma, what does it mean to hound someone?”

Puzzled by where this was going to go, I responded “It means to bug someone until you get either the answer you want or you get what you want.  Why do you ask  that?”

“Because Luke and Joel told me in that video they sent me to keep hounding you and to keep listening to my for King & Country CD.  Don’t you remember, Mom?”

To summarize, the final score from last night’s debate:

Alex: 1, Me: 0, iTunes: $7.99

(On a humorous side note, after Alex viewed the video mail from for King & Country for the first time, he asked me, “Mom, what language are they speaking?”  I explained that they speak English, like we do, but they are from Australia, so it sounds a little different to him.  Alex’s new ambition in life is to learn to speak ‘Australian’.  He also made his own didgeridoo, which is an aboriginal Australian instrument that we read about in a book, out of a paper towel tube.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that’s not one of the instruments in for King & Country’s band.  I don’t want to be a dream killer!)

Tuesday Tunes Playlist: Toby Mac’s Me Without You

TobyMac – Me Without You

The other day, I was making dinner in the kitchen and I heard music start blaring from the family room.  Curious about what was going on, I left my skillet unsupervised for a moment to peek around the corner to see just what exactly my 6 year old son, Alex, was up to.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him dancing and singing his little heart out on top of the pool table as he balanced my iPad on his shoulder listening to Toby Mac’s song, ‘Me Without You’.

“Alex,” I said, “what in the world are you doing?”

“Having fun singing about Jesus,” he replied nonchalantly.

I think he assumed he was in trouble.

Just so you know, no one ever gets in trouble at my house for having fun while singing about Jesus.

Then, it was Alex’s turn to be surprised as I climbed up on the pool table with him to sing and dance along to ‘Me Without You.’  We had a blast!  Since no one plays pool at our house, I think we may end up turning the pool table into the official Stauffer family dance floor.  All we need now is a wireless microphone, some stage lights and maybe a fog machine….

So, that is the story of how I came to select this week’s addition to the Tuesday Tunes playlist.  I’ve added the official lyric video over to my board on Pinterest, and you can view it by clicking here.

While we are on the subject of Toby Mac and in a roundabout way, his most recent project ‘Eye On It’, I would like to encourage you to hop over to iTunes and get this album like, right now.

I feel sort of compelled to say this because the other day I read a review on a Christian music site that said, and I quote, “Eye on It is Toby Mac’s worst project ever.”  Seriously?  There are times when I wonder who writes some of this stuff, and no question about it, this was one of those times.

In my opinon, calling Eye On It Toby Mac’s worst project ever would be like going to Italy to look at the masterpieces of Michelangelo only to say that his paintings in the Sistine Chapel were his worst works ever because you like his sculptures better than his paintings.  Even on his worst day, Toby Mac’s music is a far cry better than a lot of other artists on their best day.

I promise you will not be disappointed with this one, contrary to what some other reviewers may be saying.  ‘Eye On It’ is fun, it’s upbeat, it’s enjoyable from the beginning to the end.  Apparently, that’s not something that real critics like so it’s a good thing I’m not a real critic, just a Mom who enjoys dancing and singing on pool tables with her six year old.