Coming Soon to RemedyLive!!

We just added a new guest to our Skype-a-thon line-up this morning–Beckah Shae!

Beckah Shae will be appearing on the Gong(ed) Show on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 3:45 pm EST to chat with our hosts.  Beckah is an incredibly talented (and award winning!) singer, activist and philanthropist who will pop by to talk about her latest projects, the currently available single on iTunes, “Turbo Style”, which encourages listeners to ‘take the limits off’ (I LOVE THAT!) and the 2011 song, “Put Your Love Glasses On”.  Beckah has said of this song, “To see yourself the way God sees you is the beginning of freedom.”  (I LOVE THAT TOO!)

Here’s a fun Beckah Shae song to get you up and dancing (and excited!) for her upcoming appearance on the Gong(ed) Show…it’s a fun little song she did with Mr. tobyMac called Funky Jesus Music!

In other news…if you are an Oswald Brothers Band fan…keep a close watch on Spin: the Blog because I have a BIG announcement to make about OBB and the Gong(ed) Show! Coming soon!