Rapture Ruckus Releases In Crowd Video!

I LOVE this song, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!

Simply superb. Check it out below! (And be sure to look for Spin: the Blog’s mention under the ‘Fan Funded’ credits at the end….Yeah, baby!)

Brad Dring from Rapture Ruckus to Appear on RemedyLive.com Today!

The Gong(ed) Show has one of my favorite kiwis (for those of you who don’t know what a kiwi is besides a fruit, it’s a nickname for someone from New Zealand) stopping by on Skype today for a chat at 4:30 pm EST–Brad Dring, lead singer from the rad band Rapture Ruckus!

If you haven’t seen Rapture Ruckus live and in person before, let me state for the record you are really missing out!  They are AWESOME!!  Hopefully you live somewhere near a stop of the Newsboys fall 2013 Restart tour so you can catch them while they are out on the road with the Newsboys, for King & Country, and Moriah Peters in the near future.

This afternoon, Brad will most likely be talking “In Crowd” with Faup and the gang on the show, especially since it is release day for the fabulous In Crowd video!  Of course, I’m not just saying that because I ponied up $$$ to support the funding of this deserving project…but I will say that I am VERY pleased with the end results.  You gotta love any music video that features Soul Glow Activatur from Family Force Five as a school bus driver!

You can check out the In Crowd video below, and check back tomorrow for video of the full Skype session with Brad right here on Spin: the Blog!

Love and the Outcome Debuts Video for He is With Us

Love this duo, which is probably no surprise since I love all this Canadian, but really I do. I had the chance to see them perform and spend a little time with them when they performed for Faith & Family Night in New Haven back in June, and let me tell you, they were a big hit! The new video is great as well! Enjoy 🙂


Nashville, TN – (July 12, 2013) – Word Entertainment’s Love & The Outcome is joining forces with multiple partners to unveil the music video for their debut single, “He Is With Us.” Today the video can be seen exclusively at Newreleasetuesday.com followed with premieres on Monday at both K-LOVE and the Canadian outlet, 100 Huntley Street’s Crossroads 360. On Tuesday, July 16, the video will be made available for purchase on iTunes. Filmed in Toronto, Canada, “He Is With Us” intersperses dynamic performance footage of Jodi and Chris with Love & The Outcome’s signature graffiti text to create an engaging video that underscores the song’s powerful lyrics. The duo’s debut single has skyrocketed into the Top 20 since its release in May with Billboard including them in its “Bubbling Under” section on new and noteworthy acts. “He Is With Us” is the lead single from Love & The Outcome’s self-titled debut album due out on August 27.

For Chris and Jodi, Love & The Outcome is both a name and a literal life story. The duo sold their Winnipeg condo en route to a high-stakes musical road trip that has seen them criss-cross Canada, Liberia, the Philippines and China, winning over fans both emotionally and spiritually with their blend of effervescent pop. After signing to Word Records in 2012, they retreated to the mountains of Washington state to record their powerful debut, produced by Seth Mosley along with Ben Glover (for King & Country) and David Garcia (TobyMac). Spring 2013 saw the two back on the road for the “Hundred More Years Tour” supporting Francesca Battistelli and The Afters over 27 dates. For tour dates and further information please visit www.loveandtheoutcome.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveAndTheOutcome
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loveandoutcome
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/loveandtheoutcome

Montell Jordan Video for ‘You Are’ featuring Chris August

Okay, so yesterday I learned that two people who, for some reason I thought had passed away, are actually alive and doing quite well.

I think at this point on my blog its a well established fact that I have a tendency to get confused sometimes, so let’s not dwell on it, okay? 🙂

First, for some reason I thought that singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan had passed (he wrote David Crowder’s popular song, ‘How He Loves’).  Actually, he’s doing quite well and about to release an independently funded project that was incredibly well supported over on Kickstarter.  So, congratulations…and I’m glad to hear you’re doing well!

The second person I learned who is alive and well is (no, not Chris August…well, I mean yes, Chris August is alive and well, but I already knew that since I just talked with him two weeks ago, or at least I assumed he was alive and well since I hadn’t received any press releases detailing his demise.  Anyways…) Montell Jordan.  I don’t know why I thought that he had passed.  Actually, maybe I thought he had retired from basketball.  No, wait, that was Michael Jordan.  Oh, who knows what I thought.  All I know is, apparently he’s doing great!  Jordan is a born again Christian and worship leader who’s now starring in music videos with Chris August.

What more could anyone want from life?  🙂

Seriously though, I really like this song a lot.  It has a very soulful vibe to it, and the pairing of voices between Montell Jordan and Chris August is solid.  Definitely check it out, and let me know what you think!

New! OBB Video for ‘Come on Home!’

OBB has a brand new acoustic video that they’ve released in conjunction with NewReleaseTuesday.com for their new single, Come on Home.  I love this song (and the story behind it!)  The video is pretty sweet, too (although my teen intern says ‘pretty sick’ would more aptly describe it, as ‘pretty sweet’ sounds lame…but I’m not too keen to describe anything on my blog as being ‘sick’.  Just doesn’t sound very nice!)

If you aren’t hearing ‘Come on Home’ on your local radio station yet, do me a favor and call/e-mail/tweet your station to let them know they need to start playing this song stat!  I’m in the middle of my summer US whirlwind tour and am very homesick; if I have to drive thru your town without hearing ‘Come on Home’, I will be very disappointed.  🙂

Also, if you haven’t read my recent interview with OBB, and why they are my new all-time favorite band of brothers, click here!

Brandon Heath’s ‘Love Does’ Video

Brandon Heath has a new video out for his song ‘Love Does’, and as one might expect of something Brandon Heath is involved in, the video is appropriately awesome.  (Love the song too!)  Enjoy!

Okay, and just to clarify a few things because I know I’m going to get a flood of e-mails tomorrow about the ring Brandon is sporting in the video—

Fact #1–I do not have any current information about Brandon Heath’s relationship status.  The only thing, I repeat, the only thing I know about the state of Brandon Heath being single is that his new single on the radio is literally “Love Does”.  If I happen to get a press release about his personal life, I’ll be sure to share (but don’t hold your breath, because I won’t!)

Fact #2–Mandisa and Brandon Heath are NOT, I repeat, NOT dating or getting married.  That whole thing was a hoax on the Wally Show several months ago, but apparently someone must have forgotten to tell everyone it was a joke.  I can say with 100% certainty that I saw Mandisa Skype about this being a totally untrue joke.  While Brandisa is one heck of a name for a superstar couple, alas, either Mandisa will have to find some other guy to date named Brandon or Brandon will have to find another girl named Mandisa for it to work.  (I’m guessing Mandisa may have more options than Brandon!  As far as I’m concerned there’s only one Mandisa 🙂  )

Fact #3–If you have time to e-mail me questions about Brandon’s love life that I don’t have any answers to, perhaps you should instead take up a hobby, like reading.  May I suggest you read the book Love Does by Bob Goff?  It’s a really good book.  (And no, I don’t know if Brandon has read it, but if I were to guess, I’d say he probably has.)

Help Rapture Ruckus Fund the Video for ‘In Crowd’!

My favorite Christian group from New Zealand, Rapture Ruckus, has a neat opportunity for their fans and supporters to help fund a video for their latest project, In Crowd.  Check out all the details in the e-mail I received earlier today below:

“To all our Ruckus family,

We have just launched our very first fan funded project.  We’re going to partner with you guys to make an amazing music video for our new song IN CROWD.

It’s been incredible seeing the response to this song.  All the #NeverGonnaBeInTheInCrowd photos you’ve been posting on our Facebook & Twitter and the messages you have sent us – so cool.  If you haven’t seen it already go to http://facebook.com/raptureruckus and scroll down the page to see all the photos.

We’ve been so inspired and would love to make the best, most impacting music video we’ve ever released.

We believe more than ever that the world needs to hear this message.  IN CROWD is all about standing up for the outcasts, the bullied, anyone who has ever felt like they don’t fit in.  And it’s about celebrating the different… and occasionally humorous… things that make us unique.

So we need YOU!  We need you guys to help us raise $15,000.  It’s not a huge budget in the world of making music videos but we have found a really supportive film production company in LA to help make it happen.   

There are a bunch of “perks” for everyone that contributes… try your hand as Band Stylist; or bring a Ruckus House Party to your place; or get some friends together and encourage one of your mates by giving them a day On Tour with us!

Here is the IN CROWD video project page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rapture-ruckus-in-crowd-music-video 

Much love and respect,

Brad & the Ruckus crew”

Here’s a short little video of Brad from Rapture Ruckus talking about the In Crowd project:

Okay, its me (Beth) again…I’ve been a fan of the ‘In Crowd’ song/movement since day 1, and I’m happy to share this info with y’all in hopes that you’ll consider getting behind this much needed project.  I put my wallet where my mouth is, too…and made a donation to get the party started!  I’ve seen Rapture Ruckus twice in concert and they put on a great, high energy show…one of my favorites (just watch out for the Super Soaker!)  I haven’t seen ‘In Crowd’ in person yet–hopefully soon!

Check out an official Rapture Ruckus lyric video below:

PS $15,000 is cheap for a music video!

Exclusive Free Download of Jason Castro’s ‘Rise to You’ Video on iTunes!

If you love Jason Castro’s latest project, Only a Mountain, raise your hand.

If you love Jason Castro’s latest single off Only a Mountain, called Rise to You, raise your other hand.

Now, if both of your hands are up in the air you should know that this is your lucky day.  (You can put your hands down now!)   Adjust your posture and assume the proper position for touch typing, because after reading the press release below, I have a feeling you’ll be surfing over to iTunes to download a free copy of Jason Castro’s music video for Rise to You, which is premiering today only on iTunes.

Yes, you read that correctly.  iTunes.  Free Download.  Jason Castro.  On video.

What are you waiting for?



From Press Release…





Nashville, TN – (April 16, 2013) – Singer-songwriter Jason Castro will premiere the music video for his current single, “Rise To You,” exclusively as a free download on iTunes today through April 22. The single is the second from his Word Entertainment debut album, Only A Mountain, which was released this past January to wonderful reviews with NewReleaseTuesday.com giving it 5/5 star rating and Breathecast.com calling the album “a much needed disc today in the church.” In addition to the free video download, the Only A Mountain (Deluxe) version which includes three bonus tracks, will be available at a discounted rate of $7.99.


Fans can catch Castro out on the road with Sidewalk Prophets this spring. In June, he will be touring the country with Ryan Cabrera and Deleasa. For further information and a complete listing of tour dates, please visit www.jasoncastro.com.


Internationally-renowned recording artist and “American Idol” contestant Jason Castro has topped radio charts in multiple countries, including: Norway, Singapore and The Philippines. His self-titled debut album entered the Billboard Top 200 Album chart at No. 18. Throughout his career, Jason has appeared on television shows such as “TODAY,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Access Hollywood,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “The Bachelor” and has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone, USA Today and The New York Times. Castro just released his Word Entertainment debut album, Only A Mountain, January 15, 2013.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jasoncastro
YouTube: www.youtube.com/jasoncastroonline

MIKESCHAIR debuts new lyric video for ‘All I Can Do (Thank You)’

The fun bunch known as MIKESCHAIR has a great new song out, and along with it, a brand spanking new lyric video for the song ‘All I Can Do (Thank You)’. It has that great MIKESCHAIR sound about it, while managing to somehow avoid sounding like any of the previous MIKESCHAIR songs. I don’t know how they do that, but I do know that I like this song a lot! I bet you will, too….so enjoy! (And, may I add, if you get the chance go check them out on the Redeemed Tour with Big Daddy Weave and Citizen Way in the near future…by all means, go! I saw MIKESCHAIR back in November and LOVED them, and I saw the Redeemed Tour minus MIKESCHAIR plus Chris August a few weeks ago and I LOVED it, too. Definitely a must see!)

Chris August Makes a Friend…

So, I had the honor of meeting Chris August last week.

At the time, I did not realize how desperate for friendship he was.  Perhaps I should have had a clue when he referred to his laptop, Cletus, as his best friend.  Alas, I did not.

It wasn’t until I saw the following video that he shared on Twitter over the weekend that I realized just how badly he really needs a friend.

Like, really bad.

Honestly, there’s not much more I can say, other than you have to watch this video.

Highlight Video from Hyland’s The Way tour

Check out this fun video from the Minnesota music-makers, Hyland, showing some of their favorite moments from their most recent tour, The Way!

I will try not to dwell on the fact that The Way never made its way to the Fort Wayne, Indiana…however, they will be at the WFRN Friend on Saturday, June 22nd playing a set in between OBB and Moriah Peters (a pretty sweet place to be, if you ask me!)

You know I’ll be there with bells on 🙂 (OK, so not really…but I will be there!)