Rascal Flatts–‘Changed’

So, Rascal Flatts has a brand new song out on Christian radio…the song is called “Changed”. As a longtime Rascal Flatts fan and big fan of Christian music in general, one would think that me liking this song would be a no-brainer.

One would be right!

The song, which is co-written by Rascal Flatt’s lead singer Gary LeVox, Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley, is based on an experience from Neil’s life watching his oldest daughter being baptized at sunset on the beach. In a snippet for radio airplay, Gary retells the story, saying ““Neil and his wife and his other daughter are standing on the beach,” Gary said. “All you can see as the sun is setting is the Pastor standing there and Allie, his daughter. And he sees her, she comes down, brings her back up, and she just raises her hands up, praying.”

Gary goes on to say that shortly after the baptism, Neil came for a visit and shared the experience with him, along with a portion of the song he had recently written about it. Neil sang an excerpt of the song for Gary, who was deeply moved by the beginning of the song.

“I just fell apart,” Gary said. “It was just like, ahhh. That melody never left my head. The story never left my head. And one day I said ‘Hey, let’s get a day together and just go out to the farm and write this thing.’”

‘This thing’ eventually became the song “Changed,” which is now not just a hugely popular song on the radio but the name of Rascal Flatt’s current CD and Tour.

To me, the song feels deeply personal and in many ways is a revelation even though the band has been together for more than a decade. I especially give kudos to Rascal Flatts for offering up a dual-opportunity single that could be played on both country music and Christian music radio, potentially reaching a vast audience that Christian music radio alone won’t reach.

If you haven’t heard the single, check out the video for “Changed” below!