Zumba With Mandisa

Imagine, if you will, the kind of crazy chaos that would go down if your local health club advertised a new Zumba class with the one and only Mandisa as the course instructor.

If I were to guess, such a class would sell out faster than any exercise class ever in the entire history of (wo)mankind.

I’m sorry to tell you that there is no Mandisa-led Zumba class that I’m aware of anywhere in the continental United States of America.  (There’s probably no such class in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or anywhere else, either.)

There is, however, a bit of good news for me to report in relationship to Mandisa & Zumba.  This morning Mandisa tweeted a YouTube video of herself leading a Zumba routine to her Zumba-tastic song, “Good Morning”.  As one would expect of a video starring Mandisa, it is awesome.

The best part about the Mandisa-Zumba-YouTube routine?  The grace/coordination challenged Mandisa fans of the world (ok, so I’m talking about me here) can now Zumba our little hearts out in the privacy of our own home.

Not only is Mandisa one of the most talented and beautiful people on the planet, she’s also pretty brilliant for coming up with this, too.

So, check it out below! (And, if you see an ambulance parked outside my house later, you’ll know why.)